Celebrating the Wonderful World of Blogging

A few days ago I had the very exciting news that Card & Gift Blog has been awarded the ‘Leibster Blog Award’ from the lovely Jo at The Bykerlass Blog – to take a look at the blog post click here.

In my own little card and gift bubble I’m not really aware of blogging awards, but like all good ones it’s karma laden, someone is telling me I’m doing a good job and in return I get to pay it forward and show my love for other bloggers out there in the big blogosphere … how nice is that!

I’ve done a bit of googling and the Leibster award origins seem mysterious but the general opinion seem to think the idea started in Germany where leibster means favourite or dearest. The award is a chance to showcase bloggers with fewer than 200 followers, so I get to pick five favourites to pass the Leibster Award on to. So without further ado my chosen five are …

Alice Palace Blog

Karenza Paperie Blog

Sabah Designs Blog

Wishing Tree Design Blog …

and last but never least, Dilys Treacle Treasures Blog

Thank you and virtual hugs to Jo at Bykerlass blog and purveyor of all things Geordie at the fabulous Geordie Mugs – and a super special thank you to everyone who has read and supported Card & Gift Blog since I began blogging.

Thank you, Charlotte xx


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