New Vintage Greeting Cards Take us to the Parisian Flee Markets

Launched this year by Ben Van Poetsch and Gavin Munro, Windsor & Woolf are publishers and distributors. Alongside their own greeting card designs they compliment their range with a supporting act of talented artists from Britain and America. There’s lots to see, and I hope to bring you more in future posts, but today I want to concentrate on my favourite picks from the very first Windsor & Woolf collection. Inspired by Parisian flee markets and urban street style, the greeting cards mix modern and vintage, creating beautiful and stylish designs with intricate details and great depth.

Windsor & Woolf greeting cards retail at £2.50 and are hitting the shops in the UK now so keep your eyes peeled for them. You can also buy personalised versions from online retailer Scribbler; choose your favourite design, and add your message to 3 sizes of greeting card: small, £1.99; medium, £2.99 or large £5.99 (plus p&p). If you like what you see and want to find out more please take a few minutes to seek out the full collection on the Windsor & Woolf website. (2017 update: the website is not currently available).


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