Souvenir Gifts Celebrate the Olympics

Here in the UK the momentum for this year’s Olympics seems to be steadily increasing since we passed the ‘100 days to go’ checkpoint a few days ago (currently the countdown is at 92 days). Now I’m not an expert on the games, but I did get a package from the lovely folks at That Company Called If, with a few of their official Olympic gift goodies, so at the very least I can share the pictures with you, and give you an idea of some of the souvenir gifts out there. That Company Called If has a wonderful selection of book-themed gifts and gadgets, so it’s no surprise that today’s mini gifts are a selection of bookmarks that celebrate the big event. The collection includes: historic metal bookmarks that look back to the last London-hosted Olympic Games in 1948; we’ve also got 3D lenticular bookmarks featuring mascots, Mandeville and Wenlock; and last but not least sets of mini magnetic bookmarks with various London, Team GB and mascot motifs.

Featured souvenir Olympic gifts: historic metal bookmark, £6.00; 3D lenticular and mini magnetic bookmarks, £3.00. To find out about any of these items and many more Olympic Games-themed gifts please take a look at the That Company Called If website.


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