Beautiful Greeting Cards with a Unique Twist

To end the week we’ve got some delightful greeting cards from a new Designer to Card & Gift Blog. Ruth Jackson has an extensive artistic background having studied, and worked in both Advertising and Jewellery Design. The portfolio of work Ruth created during her studies (which resulted in two first class degrees) sold like hot cakes, and was a sure sign of the popularity of Ruth’s work. With these solid foundations, Ruth launched her own company in January 2012 creating beautiful greeting cards and prints, which showed off her unique design style. Today’s post is some examples from two greeting card rages; the first images are contemporary, illustrative designs with a distinct seaside theme and splashes of summery colours. The second collection is a unique series of handmade cards, which use the application of real pencil shavings to create or complete occasion-based cards.

Today’s featured greeting card collections are available to purchase from the Ruth Jackson online shop. The seaside collection has 13 designs, priced at £2.40 each, and the handmade pencil shaving greeting cards are £3.75 each, with 19 designs to choose from at the Ruth Jackson website.


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