Discover the Designer World of Alice Rebecca Potter

Alice Rebecca Potter is a Designer and Illustrator living and working in London, England. I first came across Alice’s work when I happened upon the Fine Art Fox Print (shown above) in her online shop. I loved the soft, bright colours and strong graphics in the design, and was thrilled to find her collection contained even more fantastic, illustrated cards, gifts and homewares. As you will see from the products I have chosen for today’s post, Alice’s designs are strongly influenced by the natural world, and her love of hand-drawn, graphic elements. The combination of beautiful natural subjects and geometric-inspired patterns gives each design a unique and appealing style that stands out from the crowd.

Featured cards and gifts: Fine Art Print – Red Fox, (available in two sizes) from £15; Buttercup Greeting Cards (pack of four), £6.00; Ditsy Greeting Cards (pack of four), £6.00; A5 Notebooks, £5.00; Cotton Tote Shopper, £25.00 and Fine Art Print – Badger, (available in two sizes) from £15.

All of today’s greeting cards and gifts can be purchased online from the Alice Potter online shop. To find out more about Alice’s work, please visit her website.


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