Nature Christmas Cards ‘The Country Set’ Take on The Henries

In today’s post we’re taking a closer look at a collection of Nature Christmas Cards from Wrendale Designs. About a month ago, I featured the adorable Country Set greeting cards from Wrendale Designs here on the blog, and soon after I heard the fabulous news that the company had made it to the finals of The Henries in three categories; an amazing achievement for their first year in the industry.

So today’s post is a showcase celebrating Wrendale Designs. First mention should go to Hannah Dale, a finalist in the ‘Most Promising Young Designer’ category; Hannah is the Founder of Wrendale Designs, and the Artist behind today’s gorgeous greeting cards. For the cards there are two nominations; The Country Set has been selected in the ‘Best Art Range’, and The Country Set Christmas is a finalist in the ‘Best Christmas Counter Range’.


nature Christmas cards - duck greeting card

nature Christmas cards - hare greeting card

nature Christmas cards - little donkey christmas card

nature Christmas cards - geese christmas card - oh come all ye faithful


Where to Buy These Nature Christmas Cards

To find out more about The Country Set and The Country Set Christmas please visit the Wrendale Designs website.