Amazing Art Gifts Fresh from New Zealand

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Sugarloop is a contemporary brand of accessible art gifts designed by Bernadette Spikes. With a passion for print, the Sugarloop collection contains a variety of bold, colourful giclee and gocco Art Prints that make unique, original gifts. Bernadette is a great believer in accessible art, and has developed her series of affordable prints to bring bright colours and artistic creativity into any home. I love the patterns, and small details that bring these nature-inspired prints to life; each print starts life as hand-drawn line art, which is digitally coloured before being printed on high quality, textured papers.

Featured Art Gifts: Lace Tree and Cats Print, Birds and Blooms Art Print, Crochet Tree Print, Owl and Pussycat Print, $20; Scandanavian Dala Horse Print, and Jungle Animals Art Print; all featured prints are priced at $20 (prices in USD) and are available in a variety of colourways. To see more or purchase your own print visit the Sugarloop website.


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