New Greeting Cards Bring a Touch of Summer to All

Today’s card pick is a final glimpse at a summery theme before we all wrap up for the winter, and start the hibernation process. Created by LetterPost NL, the cards start life as photographs, before being transformed into illustrations, and given a host of special effects to create this distinctive finished design. I love the mix of bright colourful stripes (which remind me of traditional sweet packets) and the bold black and white silhouettes. It might not be beach weather at the moment (it’s raining here at Card & Gift Blog HQ as I type) but these greetings cards bring the beach to life, and provide that last hint of summer – they’ve certainly cheered up a cold, rainy day here.

LetterPost NL is a collaboration of two Dutch Designers; Annette van Herk – Vemer and Sabeth Elberse. Their collection of greetings cards are available to see and purchase at the LetterPost NL website, where prices start from £2.39.


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