Broaden Your Horizons with Bebe Bilingual

Today’s gift inspiration is an eclectic mix of products designed for kids all over the world. Created by Illustrator and Graphic Designer Kimberly Schwede the ‘Bebe Bilingual’ range is a series of products that teaches children words and phrases in a variety of languages. Each of the products has sweet, bright graphics and punchy typography to illustrate the chosen words in different languages. Current products in the ‘Bebe Bilingual’ range include: placemats, flash cards, wall art and lunch boxes; themes include jungle animals, sea creatures, and international greetings. I love the idea of giving kids beautifully designed gifts that will not only be appealing on a visual level but will also stimulate their interest in other languages and cultures.

Featured gifts: Jungle Animals Canvas, $59.95; Jungle Animals Flash Cards, $18.99; Kids Ocean Friends Placemat, $16.99; Thank You Canvas Wall Art, $59.95 and Kids International Greetings Lunchbox, $29.

To find out more about the Bebe Bilingual collection, stock or purchase from the range please visit Kimberly Schwede’s website.


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