Add Embroidery to Your Every Day

Every now and then I spend an evening looking through Etsy in search of new Designer-Makers and interesting card and gift products to share on the blog. On one such recent wander through Etsy’s online marketplace I discovered a fabulous selection of handmade, embroidered accessories and greetings cards from Elizabeth Kelley.

Claire, the Artist behind the Elizabeth Kelley brand is an experienced Designer with a first class degree in Textile Design and Fine Art, and a masters degree in Fashion and Textile Design; Claire searches flea markets, and bazaars looking for unusual vintage fabrics to incorporate into her designs. Every item in the collection is made by hand; using her vintage finds Claire dyes the fabrics, before printing, embellishing and embroidering to create a unique new design.

Featured gifts: Embroidered Lavender Sachets, and Art Cards; prices start from $19. To see the current Elizabeth Kelley collection please visit the online shop.


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