Lovely Letterpress Fresh from Colorado

Idea Chic Companies based in Denver, Colorado is a creative company founded by David and Julie Sandusky. With a passion to create beautiful products that people enjoy giving to friends and loved ones, they have developed a wide range of greetings cards, stationery and gift products. For today’s blog post I have chosen a few of my favourite items, which I feel demonstrate the quality of the designs, and the craftsmanship behind every item. All of the Idea Chic products are created in-house using flat style printing, with an original 1930’s Chandler and Price Letterpress, and Gocco Screen Printer. I love the small details of the products; the choice of materials, and use of bold patterned papers to line the inside of envelopes show how much care and attention goes into every design.

Featured cards and stationery gifts: I love You Heart Puzzle Greeting Card, $8; Peony Letterpress Stationery (5 pack),  $15; Bakers Twine Peony Letterpress Notebook, $12; Love is in the Air Bike Card (4 pack), $10; Vintage Style Thank You Postcard (10 pack, other pack sizes are available), $10; XOXO Mini Heart Note, $8; and Zebra Letterpress Stationery (5 pack), $15.

To find out more, stock or purchase from the Idea Chic Companies range please visit their website.


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