handmade teddy bear with knitted scarf

Hand-Crafted Toys You’ll Adore

Today’s post is a collection of beautiful, hand-crafted toys and nursery accessories created by Designer-Maker Julia Wine. A generally crafty person, Julia has been artistic since she was a small child, and loves to sew, sculpt, and paint. The soft toys are hand-stitched; each is made from quality wool or plush materials, before being filled with environmentally friendly, non-toxic stuffing. All of the limbs move, so can be posed as required to decorate a nursery or child’s bedroom. Closing the post is a selection of Julia’s animal-inspired, handmade frames. There is a selection of designs available that can be purchased individually or as sets of multiple frames; each comes gift-boxed so it’s ready to give to a friend or loved one.

handmade teddy bear with knitted scarf

handmade teddy bear with heart and ribbon

handmade rabbit toy with heart

handmade wooden bird

trio of handmade wooden birds

handmade wooden rabbit in gift box

Featured gifts: Bear with Scarf, $40; White Teddy Bear, $39; Bear with Heart, $40; Miniature Bunny Toy, $39; Set of Three Wooden Bird Frames, $46; Rabbit Gift Frame, $18. To find out more, or purchase any of the items shown today please visit Julia Wine’s Etsy shop.