Get Inspired with Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Festive Season

As we’re in the final week of gift-buying time before the Christmas break I thought it would be a good time for some last minute Christmas gifts.

I’ve revisited all of the best items from the past year to organise my Top 30 Gifts, which I’ll be showing over the next 3 days. Today is Part 1, I hope you like what you see, click the hyperlinks to see more from each Designer & Maker.

British Pop Art stationery collection from Jan Constantine, Prices start from £6.00.

‘In Case of Emergency Breakdance’ cross stitch kit from Miso Funky, from £15.00. (2017 update: the website is currently unavailable).

Biologic IV Plant Pots with refillable watering ‘drip bag’ from Vitamin, £159.50.

Plush bunny cushion by Bombdesign, €48.

Magical Times Tote bag from Crowded Teeth, $65.

Sardine! ‘My Treasures’ pirate keepsake tin, £16.99.

Robot wallet by Coleacanth USA, available in the UK via Windsor and Woolf, $6.99. (2017 update: the website is not currently available).

Hand-crocheted toy zebra from By Marika, $30.

Necklaces from the Heartstrings Collection from Chambers and Beau, prices start from £30.

‘All About Everybody In My Life’ Memory Book by Red Cherry Publishing, £21.


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