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Wild and Wolf specialise in unique, stylish, design-led gifts. Over the last 6+ years they have developed their own ‘in house’ brands, and mixed in licensed ranges and collaborations, creating a wonderful array of contemporary products. The mix of designs gives great potential for Christmas, with appealing gift ranges for a variety of ages, and personalities. Today’s post is a sneak peek of my personal favourites; the beautiful intricate designs of Rob Ryan; smart stylish scrabble mugs as seen in the new James Bond movie Skyfall, and a cool set of Letterpress-inspired magnets.


Rob Ryan for Wild and Wolf

Perfect for fans of pretty papercuts, this new collection of gifts are from celebrated artist Rob Ryan. Rob creates wonderfully intricate papercuts, which are lovingly recreated here on coffee mugs, money boxes, egg cups and much more. Thoughtful gifts to add a little art to everyday objects.


Scrabble Mugs

If you’ve loved the latest Bon movies you’ll love these new Scrabble themed mugs. James Bond fans can now channel their inner Q, or copy his mug buying at least. Each mug is decorated with a letter of the alphabet and its corresponding Scrabble value.


Letterpress Magnets

Last but not least of the new gifts is this charming set of Letterpress-themed magnets. The ideal gift for dans of everything retro, the box of magnets has a set of letters and characters in the distinctive type setting style of classic letterpress.


Where to Buy

Featured Gifts: Rob Ryan ‘This Same Moon’ Gift Mug Duo, £18.00; Rob Ryan Money Box, £18.00; Rob Ryan Egg Cups, £15.00 for set of three; Scrabble Mugs, £6.95 each and Letterpress Magnet Set, £10.00.

To see more from Wild and Wolf, stock or purchase any of the gifts shown today please visit their website.


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