Explore the Top Greeting Cards of 2012

As promised, today’s pick is my Top Ten greetings cards from 2012. There have once again been a huge number of impressive greeting cards released this year; it was tricky to choose just ten designs but I hope you like my selection.

Tomorrow is all about the best gifts of 2012 so please do come back and see what made the final list.

Ok so without further ado let’s take a look at the best greetings cards of 2012 shown here on the blog.


photographic greeting card

Photographic Floral Card by Fizz Studios


floral embossed greeting card

Embossed Floral Card by Linoking Cards


candy filled donkey birthday card

Funny Birthday Card by Old Tom Foolery 


Love London birthday card

Colourful London Skyline Birthday Card by Five Dollar Shake


get well soon greeting card

Mini Figures Get Well Card by Lonetree Cards


always love you come rain or shine valentine card with umbrella badge

Valentine Badge Card by Think Bubble


woodland paper cut greeting card

Papercut Card by Mr Yen


love to bake greeting card

Cute Baking Card by Buttongirl Designs


with love at christmas time cute holiday card

Love at Christmas Reindeer Card by Laura Sherratt Designs


penguin christmas card for mummy

Lovely Mummy Penguin Card by YTR Design