It’s a Pug’s World

Pugs Might Fly is the creation of Margaret Meenaghan, inspired by her very own Dwarf Pug, Mutley. Adored by all, and inspiration to Margaret, her family and a talented team of collaborators Mutley provided the ‘lighting bolt inspiration moment’ for creating the ‘Pugs Might Fly’ brand. In a chance moment, Margaret’s Dad caught Mutley in a photograph playing and leaping with all four paws off the ground – the idea seed for Pugs Might Fly was sowed.

Since Mutley arrived in Margaret’s life on a snowy, cold day in December 2010, the Pugs Might Fly brand has grown to a collection of fabulous Pug inspired products, brought to life by talented Designers and Makers from across the UK. Today’s blog is a look at some of the great gift ideas from across the collection – cushions, fairy lights, gift soaps and more. Perfect for anyone who cannot resist the cute, whimsy of this Pugs life.

Featured gifts: Angelic Perfumed Pugs Might Fly Soaps, £10 each; Pug Cushions, £19.95; Pug Fairy Lights (shown in white and neon pink), £39.99. To find out more or purchase any of the featured gifts please visit the Pugs Might Fly website.


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