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I recently got an email from Sharon Little, Chief Executive of the The Greeting Card Association (GCA), which gave me a sneak peek of their 2013 Christmas campaign … ‘Festive Friday’. Now the campaign has officially launched I think I’m safe to share all the details with you. Festive Friday is scheduled for 29th November 2013, and I think it probably goes without saying that both Card & Gift Network, and our sister site Piccadilly Lane are very happy to be supporting the campaign

The GCA estimate that there are 100,000 people working directly and indirectly in the greeting card industry in the UK. With that much community power working together the GCA are encouraging everyone to send their Christmas cards early to create a domino effect, which will kick start the festive season and spread a little Christmas good will.

How you can get involved …

It’s really easy to take part … on Friday 29th November get everyone in the office together and dedicate an hour (or two!) to writing and sending Christmas cards. By sending early the cards will be received during the first week of December.

Get Giving!

You can encourage the process further by donating or providing the materials at cost price or agreeing to subsidise your staff’s Christmas card post?*

Think Big!

With talk of people culling their Christmas card lists let’s do the opposite. Send cards to people you haven’t heard from in a while to spread a little festive cheer.

Spread the Word!

Forward the ‘Festive Friday’ details to everyone you know in the industry (publishers, artists, suppliers and retailers) and get them involved! Simply share this blog post or download the Festive Friday flyer from the GCA website to send to everyone you know!

Make it an event!

Document your Festive Friday session in photos and videos and post them onto the GCA Facebook page. The GCA are kindly offering a prize for the funniest picture so you could even dress up.

It sounds like a fun way to start the Christmas card season so I hope you want to get involved. Before you start planning your Festive Friday celebrations be sure to check out the GCA’s small print advice quoted below and I look forward to seeing your Christmas card parties on the 29th!

*The small print – a little note about tax implications. The GCA’s view is that this is promotional activity and should be non-taxable to your employees. Their tax advisor’s opinion is that if you provide the cards and postage free of charge to your employees, it’s a good idea to keep the total value to less than £15 per person, it will then be most likely judged as a ‘trivial benefit’ and non-taxable. In tax terms the value of ‘the benefit’ equals the cost price of the cards plus postage per person. Also, if you give this as a ‘seasonal gift’ to employees, in order to avoid any tax issues, you should not give any other ‘seasonal gifts’. Greeting Card Association.

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