Terrific Totes for All

Totes have been big this year with lots of designers and makers adding unique, decorative designs to the humble shopping must-have. Today gift pick are ten designer tote bags that will make ideal ‘alternative stockings’ for grown up girls. Fill with mini presents for an exciting Christmas gift.

chrsitmas tote bag

1. Christmas Typography Tote Bag by Megan Claire, £8.50.

penguin tote bag

2. Penguin Tote Bag by Anna Wright, £12.00.

kingfisher tote bag

3. Hummingbird Tote Bag by Gemimalou, £12.00.

herdy sheep tote bag

4. Peep Tote Bag by Herdy, £24.00.

houses tote bag

5. Beach Huts Tote Bag by Jin Designs, £15.00.

skull and bones tote bag

6. Bag O’ Bones Tote Bag by Polar Shop, £15.00.

fuchsia tote bag

7. Blue Fuchsia Tote Bag by Bee & Tea, £17.00.

mr darcy tote bag

8. Mr Darcy Tote Bag by Berry Red, £12.00.

off to the gym tote bag

9. Gym Tote Bag from The Lost Lanes, £14.00.

fill me with sunshine tote bag

10. Fill Me With Sunshine Tote Bag from Very Nice Things, £22.00.