Christmas Wrapping Ideas for the Best Dressed Gifts

Once you’ve got the presents sorted it’s time to consider how to make them look tempting and pretty under the Christmas tree. Today’s blog post is a top twelve of Christmas wrapping ideas; pouches, wrap and gift bags to help you gift wrap in style.

christmas gift pouches

1. Christmas Gift Pouches from Caroline Gardner, £5.50 (set of three).

red spot christmas gift bag

2. Merry Christmas Polka Dot Gift Bag by Caroline Gardner, from £3.00.

spotty christmas gift bags

3. Christmas Easy Wrap Kit from Dots and Spots, £15.00.

spotty christmas gift bags

4. Christmas Easy Wrap Bags from Dots and Spots, £6.50.

christmas gift wrap

5. Christmas Gift Wrap collection from Nancy and Betty, £7.95 (for five sheet packs).

christmas wrapping ideas - kraft houses

6. Christmas House Gift Boxes from Hunkydory Home, £2.75.

christmas wrapping ideas - kraft envelopes

7. Special Delivery Christmas Gift Box from The Oak Room, £2.25.

christmas wrapping ideas - hessian sack

8. ‘Not to be Opened till Christmas Day’ Gift Sack from The Contemporary Home, £4.00.

christmas wrapping ideas - reindeer mail hessian sack

9. Delivered by Reindeer Jute Gift Sack from The Contemporary Home, £8.50.

christmas wrapping ideas - modern patterned wrap

10. 50’s Gift Wrap by Petra Boase, £1.75.

christmas wrapping ideas - bird and branches wrap

11. Blue Tits Christmas Gift Wrap by Emily Burningham, £1.50.

christmas wrapping ideas - white berries gift wrap

12. White Berries Christmas Gift Wrap by Emily Burningham, £1.50.