Get Inspired with Funny Xmas Cards for All

If you enjoy spreading a little festive cheer, today’s Christmas card pick is for you. A quick look at 10 wonderfully funny Xmas cards from the industry’s best designers and makers.


1. Christmas Dinner by David Fawcett for Holy Mackerel, £2.15.

2. Mince Pies Christmas Card by David Fawcett for Holy Mackerel, £2.15.

3. Knitted iPod Christmas Card from Dog As Pony, £6.00 for five cards.

4. ‘Let’s Indulge’ Cheap and Miserable Card from Splimple, £2.10.

5. ‘Here we Go’ Cheap and Miserable Christmas Card from Splimple, £2.10.

6. ‘Anti Xmas Frosty the Snowman’ Card from Ellie Ellie, £3.50.

7. ‘Anti Xmas Forget the Mistletoe’ Christmas Card from Ellie Ellie, £3.50.

8. ‘Elfy Deer’ Christmas Card from The Kid Who, £2.50.

9. ‘Elfy Lifestyle’ Christmas Card from The Kid Who, £2.50.

10. Last but not least in our round up of 10 funny Xmas cards is this delightful ‘Christmas Lights Card’ from Hen Pen Designs, £12.54 for ten cards.


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