Sweet Stocking Gifts That Will Bring a Smile

All priced under £25, today’s gift pick are ten small and fabulous stocking gifts for grown-ups. Sweet and special ways to fill those Christmas stockings, that are are sure to delight your family and friends.


1. Treatment Candle by JustBe Botanicals, £24.95.

2. Personalised Engraved Love Pebble from Letterfest, £15.00.

3. Bright Side Paperweights by Really Good UK, £10.00.

4. Personalised Wooden Heart Decoration by Grace and Favour, £10.00.

5. Loot Money Bag by J-Me, £12.50.

6. La Vie En Rose Mini Bath Bake by Miss Patisserie, £4.50.

7. Confetti Wallet by Poketo, $28.00.

8. Double Pearl Earrings by Poppy Sparkles, £17.00.

9. Pocket Mirrors by Soul UK, £8.00.

10. Guardian Angel Keyring by Spaceform, £14.95.


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