Discover the Top Greeting Cards of 2013

Before we break for the Christmas holidays it’s time for our quick annual round ups. This is where we take a look back at the year and find some greetings card and gift highlights. First up is my Top greeting cards of 2013. Ten fantastic cards that are design-led and high quality.

I should point out that this post is marked as *updated* due to an error I made. After this post was originally published the lovely Sarah Ray pointed out the design I had picked from her collection wasn’t actually a greeting card … yet, so I have revised the post to include a new number 10 from The Cow & the Moon, which is fab because I love it and was so sad to leave it out in the first place. Please forgive my error, it’s been a long year and I seriously need a holiday! So without further ado (and hopefully no more errors) here are the 10 Top Greeting Cards of 2013.


1. Happy Birthday Card from Alice Palace, £2.25.

2. Deerstalker Card from The Avant-Card Company, £2.40.

3. Glitter Ball Card from Five Dollar Shake, £2.99.

4. All You Need is Cake Card from Gemma Silk, £2.25.

5. Mother’s Day Card from Laura Sherratt Design, £3.50.

6. Retirement Card from Olive & Belle, £2.45.

7. Hedgehog Card from Rocket 68, £2.50.

8. Engaged Greeting Card from Stooshie Design, £2.50.

9. Bonjour Monsieur Card from Studio Seed, £2.50.

10. Let’s Be Real Greeting Card by The Cow and the Moon, $4.50.


& the honorary number 11 not yet a greeting card (so sorry I misunderstood)

Magic Carpet Print from Sarah Ray.

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