Get a Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of the Sticker Stack

In today’s Meet the Retailer interview we’re catching up with husband and wife team Ben Kenny and Jeong-eun Kong from Sticker Stack.


Tell us a little about yourself and your company?

We are the husband-and-wife team behind Sticker Stack, a UK based online-shop that sells Korean and Japanese stickers, stationery, and accessories. We believe in celebrating the analogue, and we want to see people creating journals and writing letters that their grandchildren will turn up in a dusty attic in years to come! We both love tech and the Internet, but we think stationery – which can offer a richer and more satisfying way to communicate – still has its place. We spend our lives bouncing between England and Korea (Jeong-eun is Korean), and we believe this gives us a great opportunity to stay up with the trends in both countries.

Describe your typical working day…

While in Korea, I (Ben) work as an editor, and Jeong-eun is a full-time mother. Together, during our limited free time, we seek out new products, update and manage our website and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+) and deal with our customers and suppliers. Of course, we also have a team member in England to fulfil our orders, which is great as it really gives us the flexibility we need to develop our company from two continents.

What is the best thing about your job?

We are both massive stationery geeks, and consequently, we take real pleasure from bringing awesome stuff we find in Korea and Japan to the West. Until you’ve spent some time in East Asia, it’s hard to imagine how AMAZING the stationery scene here is: from kitsch little boutique stores to cavernous underground malls overflowing with notebooks, pens, stickers, paper, and more! We are steadily bringing a taste of this to the UK and beyond, and people seem to love it. On top of this, creating Sticker Stack has really helped us learn new skills, so it’s been great for our personal development, too.

Who are your customers?

In general, our customers are people who are, like us, obsessed with stationery! Even though we’ve only been open a few months, we’ve already had orders from places as far afield as Jordan, New Zealand, and the USA. However, the majority of our customers are from the UK.

What would you like to do next with the business?

We are currently in the process of bringing new brands on board. At the moment, that’s our number one priority: to get as much cool stuff on our virtual shelves as possible. Jeong-eun is constantly scouting Korean blogs looking for new stuff, and we’ve got heaps of cool new products on the way for 2014.

Your Products

What is your favourite product in the shop?

Ben: Special Simplanner

Jeong-eun: Lucky Pop iPhone 5 Case


What are the most popular products you’re currently stocking?

Twin Colour Pens and Light Notebook Line



Are you introducing any new products this year?

Yes. We’ve got loads of exciting new stuff coming this year. For instance, these A4 Briefcase folders – which make a cool alternative to the flimsy ones that fall apart – will be in stock soon.


What products would you like to introduce next?

In time, we’d like to branch out and start stocking more products for the home, such as Korean ceramics and other such wares. However, for now, we’re focusing on keeping our core categories – stickers, stationery, and accessories – fresh. This year, expect to see many more pens, notebooks, and cards.

Your Inspiration …

Who are your favourite card and gift designers?

My relative Teresa Robertson makes awesome cards … Check them out!

What other retailers do you admire?

SCP, Mr Porter, Poketo and Land of Nod.



Thank you Ben and Jeong-eun!

Visit the Sticker Stack website now.

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