Explore Bold & Bright Cards from Liz & Pip

Today we’re looking at a fabulous new collection of greetings cards and gift wrap for children created by our lovely sponsors Liz and Pip. The perfect range for kids, the cards feature adorable characters and bold, colourful typography that leap out from the crisp, white backgrounds. Amongst the new card collection are general birthday cards and age cards. Each of the birthday ages from 1-4 has two greeting card choices with different characters and colour palettes for girls and boys.  Closing today’s post you’ll see two examples of the matching gift wrap; hearts and creatures. As well as co-ordinating perfectly with the new greeting cards the gift wrap designs feature Liz and Pip’s signature-style; bright, colourful patterns and adorable characters.








Featured greetings cards retail at £2.25; gift wrap at £1.60 per sheet and are available to purchase from Liz and Pip stockists nationwide. To see the full collection or purchase direct please visit the Liz and Pip website.

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