Night Owl Paper Goods Create a Unique Stationery Collection

Night Owl Paper Goods has recently announced a unique stationery collaboration with acclaimed, mixed-media artist, Dolan Geiman.

Best known for his nostalgic, multi-layered artworks inspired by vintage Americana and nature’s untamed wilderness. Dolan’s much-loved style is an American favourite and adored by the Night Owl Paper Goods team.

With a shared passion for nature and love of floral and fauna motifs, Dolan is the perfect match for Night Owl Paper Goods “modern yet folksy” style. Today’s post showcases a few of the stationery gifts created by the collaboration.



The Unique Stationery Range

The new stationery range includes an assortment of wood calendars, jotters, bookmarks, note cards and notepads, as well as elegant ‘hybrid’ greetings cards, which includes elements of both wood and letterpress. Inspired by natural themes, the new stationery items offer sophisticated, environmentally responsible stationery with wild, ‘mixed media’ style designs.


Where to Buy the Dolan Geiman Stationery Collection

The unique stationery gifts in the Dolan Geiman collection retail between $5.00 and $10.50. To see the full collection and for information on stocking or purchasing from the new range please visit the Night Owl Paper Goods website.

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