Beeswax Candles Make a Luxurious Gift for All

Scouring the recent pile of press releases to hit my inbox, I recently discovered some lovely images from Wood-Knit-Bee. The pictures showcase gorgeous Beeswax Candles, including a sneak peek at their Christmas collection.

Launched in 2012 by Abby Mason and Alex Houlton, Wood-Knit-Bee aims to share the benefits of natural products for health, lifestyle and education. Wood-Knit-Bee specialise in creating natural, organic and handmade products. The current collection includes pure beeswax candles and handmade soaps, but for today we’re taking a closer look at their beautiful candles.

The Wood-Knit-Bee collection focuses on creating their stylish products from high quality, natural ingredients. All Wood-Knit-Bee candles are made from 100% pure beeswax and its candlesticks are hand crafted in Sussex from FSC certified European Oak. Matching their passion for natural materials, the Wood-Knit-Bee sourcing and production processes aim for the best. Materials are sourced from and crafted by ethical companies and individuals who look for sustainable solutions to environmental issues.

Recognising the natural beauty of beeswax candles, Wood-Knit-Bee have created a simple, elegant collection.  Their diverse range, includes tea lights, pillar, dinner, table top, and dipped candles. Without the toxins usually omitted from artificial and scented candles, the beeswax candles maintain a clean, atmospheric light perfect for any season and to match any home decor. See what you think …



Featured Beeswax Candles: Christmas Candles Collection, prices start from £6.00; Ball Candle, £10.00; Moon and Star Candle, £5.00; Pillar Candle, £6.00 and Ceramic Candle Holder with Cube Candle, £21.50. To see more, stock or purchase from the Beeswax range please visit the Wood-Knit-Bee website.

2017 update: Sadly the website seems to be no longer available.


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