Get a Look Behind the Scenes of Alice Atwell.

Say hello to …

Katherine Lawson from Alice Atwell.


Alice Atwell Home Is Where the Heart Is


Tell us a little about yourself and your company?

I was working as an English Teacher, though I have painted and drawn all of my life. My company, Alice Atwell, was launched as the result of a summer I spent in the beautiful garden at my childhood home in Wiltshire. These paintings became my ‘English Flower’ cards. Alice Atwell was launched at the start of 2014 and the cards sold out almost immediately at the Country Living Spring Fair. I’ve now designed a further three ranges, all of which are available on my website.

Describe your typical working day …

There isn’t a typical day. Alice Atwell is currently a one-woman show and I wear all the different hats: designer, marketeer, accountant, operations. Some come more naturally to me than others (accountant, ahem…). The days I most enjoy are those where I spend some of the day packing up orders and the rest painting. Almost all the Alice Atwell cards start life as original paintings – so I spend a lot of time with paintbrush in hand.

What is the best thing about your job?

Well, firstly, selling a card which started out as a little painting by me! But then, working for myself. As a teacher, every single moment of my day used to be mapped out my someone else according to timetabling needs. I worked in a private school where it was expected that you be at staff briefing by 7.45am every morning and spend every lunch time ‘on duty’. I love the variety of running my own company – there’s nothing boring or repetitive about it.

Do you use any specialist techniques?

I paint the designs from scratch by hand. I did art A Level and my teachers were keen that I should go to Art School but I had other ideas… So I’m self taught. I use a variety of different watercolour products, a Uni PN fineliner, and a lovely little set of paint brushes. I get through a lot of watercolour paper…

What would you like to do next with the business?

I also run a fabric design business under the same name but with a different website ( I’d like to grow both businesses. With the cards, I’d really like to develop Alice Atwell’s high street presence. I’d particularly like to grow the English Flowers ranges; to develop associated products such as china and stationery. I’d also love to do more freelance illustration.



Your Products …

What is your personal favourite product in your collection?

I love the Sweetpea card from English Flowers and the Love Birds from Alice’s Sketchbook.


Alice Atwell Sweetpea2

Alice Atwell Love Birds


What are the most popular products in your range?

The Tulips from the English Flowers range.


Alice Atwell Tulips


Are you working on any new products at the moment?

I’m about to launch ‘Rare and Obsolete’ which I’ve loved doing. It’s the only collection created on a computer and the cards feature old words which aren’t used.

Alice Atwell Rare and Obsolete


What products do you want to introduce in the next year?

I’d love to do some china with the English Flowers.


Your Inspiration …

What inspired you to start your business?

My mother, who ran her own very successful business for 25 years.

What inspires your products?

The world!

What other card and gift designers / brands do you admire?

I love Archivist Press‘ Letterpress cards. I admire Caroline Gardner’s growth.

What business figures / brands inspire your business?

Cath Kidston who started with a stall on Portobello Road. And my Mum who founded Andante Travels in our living room.


Thank You Katherine!

2016 update: Since this featured was first published the Alice Atwell website seems to no longer be live. I don’t know if this is temporary or permanent. I will update this if I hear of a new site being available in the future.