A Look Behind the Scenes of In a Crystal

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Yohan James from In a Crystal.



Tell us a little about yourself and your company?

I a 23 year old pursuing a fantastic business my father started 12 years ago. I have been working with the company full time for 3 years and have been very fortunate in having the experience of running businesses. I attended Aston University and left mid way through to pursue business, rather than studying business I wanted to do business.

The Company – We are ‘In a Crystal’. We provide a truly special service that transforms 2D images into 3D. The 3-Dimensional image is then laser engraved within a solid crystal cube. Customers can choose from several crystals shapes of their choice, additionally can add text to compliment their engraved 3D image.

The 3D images are laser engraved within a solid crystal block, this process ensures the image will never fade or deteriorate. As we are able to use any 2D photo whether the image is of a pet, wedding, house, vehicle our products make the perfect gift for any occasion. Our journey began 12 years ago and can be found at the Trocadero Centre in London, Piccadilly Circus – the heart of London.

What is the best thing about your job?

Having so many job roles and also having a shop in London has allowed me to meet and interact with customers from all around the work, which is a beautiful thing. When having your own business there isn’t one job role your stuck with, you have to be able to do everything from restocking, to building displays and shops signs, to on the floor sales, to graphics, working machinery, managing and employing staff etc. If I had a normal job I would be bored doing the same thing everyday.

Do you use any specialist techniques or equipment?

Even though we have been in business for 12 years, we use the same machines. The machines are extremely high tech. There are several different types of machines that create our products; the first is a 3D scanner, which creates the 3d images. We also use specialised software for the 3D images. Finally we use a laser to engrave the image within the crystal. Using a laser ensures the picture will never fade or deteriorate, I have crystals of myself over 10 years old.

What would you like to do next?

Our next step will be selling our products online and expanding abroad.

What ‘top tip’ would you give to someone starting a business?

Stick with it and be persistent. I’ve have pursued so many different ventures before the age of 21 and failed with most of them. The reason is because I failed not the business, I gave up to easily. Rewards come after you pay your dues.

Your Products …

What is your personal favourite product in your collection?

My favourite crystal is the Diamond shape as its sits on its angle so beautifully. When the diamond shape sits on our light display; it shines and has an incredible effect.



What are the most popular products in your range?

The different sizes suit different images and therefore they all sell well equally.



Are you working on any new products at the moment? 

Yes, but it’s top secret. 😉


Your Inspiration …

What inspired you to start your business?

My father started our business as he was unchallenged working for large companies. He has always wanted to have a business and instantly fell in love with our products.

What inspires your products?

Our products are inspired by our customer’s images. Each crystal made is completely different to the other as the individual images given by customers define the end result.

What other card and gift designers / brands do you admire?

All successful brands as there is a reason why they are in their position.

What business figures / brands inspire your business?

There are so many business figures that I have looked up to, each figure has a specific attribute however at this moment in time the only inspiration I have, is to bring In a Crystal to a specific level and to be successful. That’s what inspires our business and motivates us.

Thank you Yohan.

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Visit the In A Crystal website now.

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