Scratch & Reveal Greeting Cards from Cache-Cache Design.

D.I.Y. Scratchie Cards are unique greeting cards with a secret. The scratch-off cards have been developed by innovative designers Cache-Cache Design. Incorporating custom scratch off panels the cards allow the sender to create their own hidden message within the design.

Cache-Cache (meaning hide and seek in French) aim to step away from conventional products. Their designs, like the scratch off greeting cards shown today push boundaries to create innovative new products. With the scratch off greeting cards Cache-Cache design are adding a touch of wonder and personalisation to the card giving ritual. The blank cards are supplied with ‘scratchable’ stickers. The special stickers hide the sender’s message and can be easily scratched off when received.

The main focus of each greetings card is the secret message, so the graphics are kept simple. Each card is created with custom handmade stickers that can be scratched off to reveal the message hidden beneath. Stickers are made in a matching pantone, allowing the scratch off panels to easily blend into the greetings card design.



Retailing at $6.00 the featured D.I.Y. Scratchie cards measure 5.5″ x 5.5″. Each design is printed on a heavy weight 300gsm card stock and co-ordinated with a high quality, textured envelope. To find out more please visit the Cache-Cache Design website. You can also purchase the cards online from Cache-Cache Design.

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