Animal Gift Wrap Delivers Presents with a Wild Side.

From their headquarters in Notting Hill, London, Luckies has unveiled Animal Gift Wrap. A new pack of wrapping paper with a distinctly wild side.

Aiming to brighten up the act of giving a gift. The new packs are designed to create well-dressed presents that look as special on the outside as the gift inside is sure to be.

Each animal gift wrap pack has everything you need to choose from 24 creature combinations. Whether it’s a Bear-thday, Christ-Moose or Bat-mitzva, Luckies aim to get your presents noticed and remembered. Re-create your friends and families favourite animals with a choice of Elephant, Lion, Tiger, Penguin, Koala Bear and many more. All you need to do is provide a gift box (if you gift is not box-shaped), sellotape, glue and a little imagination.

The gift wrap packs are designed to “add the personal touch, with minimum fuss and maximum impact!” Each animal gift wrap packs contain: 6 sheets of coloured wrapping paper, 8 sticker sheets and 5 cut-out sheets. With these few essentials and some basic guidelines you can let your imagination run wild; adding stripes, scales, spots or prints for your own awesome animal creation.

Luckies have a strong reputation for their innovative gift lines and as seen in my previous feature on their stocking filler gifts each new design is packed with character and charm. With the new animal gift wrap, Luckies have taken the art of gift-giving to a new level. Creating a fun gift wrap product that is just as entertaining and joyful as their gift range. An adorable product for kids and the young at heart.

Animal Gift Wrap retails at £9.95. To find out more, stock or purchase please visit the Luckies website.

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