Cute Fox Greeting Cards for Mums & Their Cubs.

While I don’t like to put too much emphasis on trends, I did want to share one very cute and foxy theme that seems to be emerging this spring season. I’ve had a heap of Mother’s Day cards sent to Card & Gift Network HQ in the last few moths and amongst the pile, quite a lot of fox greeting cards. A naturally cute combo, the mother and cub is a great micro-trend for this Mother’s Day. Here’s a few of my favourite fox designs.

Our first fox pick (shown above) is a the super sweet ‘Loving Red Fox Mother’s Day Card’. The card features an original gouache illustration of mum and cub. $4.50 from Four Wet Feet Studio.

Next up is the ‘Foxy Mama’ Mother’s Day greeting card. A baby fox painting a special Mother’s Day message, inside the card reads “thank you for everything”.  $3.60 from ayaminlove.

The elegant and refined ‘Lady Fox Card’ is from our dashing friends at The Avant-Card Company. A well-dressed fox greeting card for classy mums. £2.40 from The Avant-Card Company.

The ‘Foxy Lady’ card is for the “coolest mum ever”. The card features hand-finished touches and Valerie Valerie’s signature, intricate illustrations. £2.99 from Valerie Valerie.

With sleeping fox mum and cute playful cubs, The Happy Mother’s Day ‘Foxy Mama’ Card is a great choice for little cubs to send their mama. $4.25 from Shawnax.

With ‘Mom You’re the Best” sentiment this Fox greeting card is a hand-stamped design perfect for Mother’s Day. Handmade using American crafts paper, stamps and dies. $4.00 from Jess Crafts Shop.

My final fox greeting card pick is the ‘Your Little Cub’ personalised Mother’s Day card. With cute mum and cub illustration and “I will always be your little cub” sentiment. £2.95 from Mleko Designs.

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