original_stags-head-splash-limited-edition-signed-print Reece Ward Prints


Limited Edition Loveliness from Reece Ward Prints.

For the second time this week I’m introducing a brand new gift company (and products) to our Card & Gift Network community. Today it’s the turn of the spectacular limited edition artwork of Reece Ward Prints.

Reece Ward is a graphic designer from Lancashire in the UK. Best known for his work with Lucasfilm, who “talent spotted” Reece, hiring him to create unique designs for t-shirts and merchandise. Since leaving the world of movie memorabilia, Reece is now using his considerable design talent to create his own range of collectable art prints.

With his own collection Reece aims to focus on limited edition prints. Creating desirable works of art that are worth collecting. Every design has to pass Reece’s strict standards and is only released if he would be willing to hang it in his own home.

For today’s post I’m showcasing four designs from the current Reece Ward Prints collection. Our first image (shown at the top of the post) is ‘Stags Head Splash’, a silhouette-style image of a proud stags head created using effective watercolour splashes; a modern twist on an old tradition.

‘Love, Laughter And Happily Ever After’ is a Penguin style book cover print that will bring a bright splash of colour to any home. Utilising the iconic style of Penguin’s classic books. A great gift pick for fans of both literature and classic design.

‘Cheese’ is a chalkboard style print. One of a series that unites typography with charming, happy phrases.

Last but not least is ‘I Can Never Find the Words’. The perfect print for a someone special. The sleek, minimal print spells out a message of love in scrabble ties. Finishing with one final decoration … a love heart sweet retro fans will adore.

All of the A3 prints are professionally printed in the United Kingdom on 300gsm thick card. Small print runs of either 500 or 600 copies ensure that each print remains special and not a mass produced item (perfect for collecting). All of the art prints shown today are signed and individually numbered by Reece and presented with a certificate of authenticity to show they’re the real deal.


original_love-laughter-and-happily-ever-after-print Reece Ward Prints


original_cheese-chalkboard-print Reece Ward Print

original_scrabble_white_frame Reece Ward Prints


Featured art prints: Stags Head Splash; Love, Laughter And Happily Ever After; Cheese and I Can Never Find the Words. Each limited edition, signed print is available unframed, with prices starting from just £18.00 each. For more information on stocking Reece’s artwork or to make a purchase please visit the Reece Ward Prints website.