Lou Mills Launches New Embossed Greeting Cards.

If you’re looking for the unmistakable tactile feel of a real card you can’t go far wrong with the new embossed greeting cards from Lou Mills.

‘Nicky Noo’ is a new range of 12 cards covering birthdays and occasions. Each brought to life with Lou’s stand-out, contemporary designs and an embossed-border finish.

Aimed primarily at adults, the fun, illustrative style of this collection is sure to win a few fans amongst a younger audience too. Cards are decorated with a backdrop of simple geometric shapes in a block print style. A central illustration is then added, creating a layered-effect to the design.

As in previous ranges, ‘Dilly Dally‘ and ‘Imelda‘ and Rosy Cheeks‘, a bright, appealing colour palette and pattern play a strong role in the designs. The result is a set of unique card designs that will look great on a shop shelf or mantelpiece.

The embossed border and crisp, white backdrop of Nicky Noo’s textured board adds a quality feel to the cards.

The Nicky Noo embossed greeting cards are designed and printed here in the UK. With cards and envelopes both using FSC-Certified paper stock that is made within environmentally friendly guidelines.

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How to Purchase the New Embossed Greeting Cards.

The Nicky Noo embossed greeting cards range are available now, retailing at £2.50 each. For more information on stocking the range or finding an independent stockists near you please visit the Lou Mills website.

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