Delightful Wooden Toys for Added Fun & Wonder.

Wooden toys are the classic gift that never goes out of fashion. A quick and easy reminder of the toys of yesteryear. Before computers and mobile phones, before the loud beeping and flashing lights of plastic toys there were wooden toys.

The joy of wooden toys is in their tactile nature. Kids can hold, touch and sense the smooth wood, improving dexterity and enjoying the feel of a real object.

Wooden toys are a great way to instantly add imagination to any play time. Enabling children to make up stories and adventures for each of their wooden playthings.

In today’s post I’d like to share with you a selection of wooden toys from the industry’s best designers and makers.


1. Circus Skittles. Handmade in Bali using finest albacia wood and hand-painted with child friendly paints. Set includes a Ring Master, Mouse playing a Drum, Acrobat and Strong Man, all ready to be knocked down with a stripy ball. £35.00 from Twenty Six Degrees.


2. Unleash your inner rock star with this super cool Wooden Guitar. Available in petrol blue and greyish green colour schemes. €35.00 from Macarena Bilbao.


3. Wooden Airplane. An Eco-Friendly toy that can be customised with your child’s name. £16.00 from Friendly Toys on DaWanda.


4. A stunning Vintage Wooden Rocking Horse full of charm and character; an impressive gift for any child. £165.00 from Raspberry Mash.


5. Safari Animal Rescue Set. A super sweet safari van complete with keepers and animals. £14.99 from Wyevale Garden Centre.


6. Roar-a-Saur Wooden Play Table is the ideal toy for kids who know their T-Rex from their Triceratops. 90 wooden pieces for non-stop pre-historic play. £79.99 from Plum Play.


7. Setting aside traditional flash cards, the Tree Hopper Toys Puzzled Blocks (Construction) offer engaging puzzles with a different vocabulary word on each side. An educational, fun and eco-friendly toy choice. £20.00 from Stuff of Dreams.


8. Rosendahl Kay Bojesen Small Teak Monkey. Designed between the 1930’s and 1950’s Kay Bojesen’s toys offer a child’s view rather than an exact replica of the animal world; encouraging more imaginative play. £125.00 from The Scandinavian Shop.


9. Dancing Giraffes Music Box. Young children will delight in the spinning and turning of the Giraffes as they dance. Brightly painted to appeal to little ones. €26.90 from Spieluhren Shop.


10. Named for Hanno, the greek voyager who discovered Gorillas 2500 years ago, these delightful Hanno And Hanno Junior Wooden Toys are brave and strong. The hard wood frames and elastic limbs are tough and durable, ready for any adventure you can dream. £70.00 small and £100.00 large, buy online at the SUCK UK website.


11. Rhino Animal Box. A cute character to play with and a special compartment to hide a secret or two. £45.00, buy online at Rume.


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