Awesome Gifts for Art Lovers to Brighten Every Day.

It’s never been easier to find unique and interesting gifts for art lovers. Advancements in design software, printing and online shopping mean a growing number of artists and illustrators can create and sell their artwork direct to consumers and retailers online.

Alongside growing access to a larger and more diverse number of artists there is also a greater choice in the type of art we buy. Printable posters, non-framed art prints, framed art prints, canvases and original artworks are all on offer; providing gifts for art lovers no matter what your budget.

In today’s blog post I wanted to share a few ideas of gifts for art lovers. Presents that will delight those individuals with a creative or artistic streak.


1. Caroline Gardner ‘Love, Laughter and Happily Every After’ Small Wall Art. £8.50 from Caroline Gardner.

2. ‘Holmesfield’ Art Print by Josh Kemp-Smith for Social Sheffield. One of fourteen new photographic prints available for a limited time only. Mounted prints can be purchased in two sizes: 12″ x 8″ prints, £15.00 and 12″ x 12″ prints for £18.00. Buy online at Social Sheffield Magazine for delivery or click and collect from Sheffield’s Gallery 35.  See the full collection and purchase here.


3. ‘Life is a Beautiful Ride’ Art Print by Lucy Wilkins. £17.80, buy online at Designers Makers.


4. Dino Talk Wall Art. Prices start from £20.00 from the Hazy Prints website.


5. Flight of Fancy artwork. $1,550.00 (AUD) from Mondocherry.


6. ‘Easy’ Art Print by See Creatures & Unlimited. £45.00 from Unlimited Shop.


7. Ice Skaters 2015. Limited Edition Digital Art by Alex Foster. £39.00 from Artfinder.


8. Lego Star Wars Han Solo Print. £7.50 from Swanky Maison. Also available in Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Storm Trooper designs.


9. Nest Building ‘Build A Nest’ Art Print in green. £45.00 from B Goods.


10. Outdoor ‘Hello Sunshine’ Stainless Art. $145.00 from Lisa Sarah.


11. Faunascapes Raccoon Print. $6.00 (AUD) from Paper Empire.


12. Personalised Constellation Family Tree Print. £30.00 from Betsy Benn.


13. Velodrome Print. £15.00 from Rocket68 Cards.


14. ‘Chill Out’ Art Print. €9.90 from Tabula Rosi. Buy online at DaWanda.


15. Jazzy Bird in a Jazzy Tree Framed Art Print. £45.00 from Valerie Valerie.


16. Whale Screen Print in grey and aqua. £20.00 from the Miri Etsy Shop.


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