2016 Calendars To Make You Smile All Year Long.

Whether you’re buying as a Christmas gift or for your own personal use, calendars are an end-of-year essential purchase. In today’s post we’ve got a guide to 20+ of this year’s best designs of 2016 Calendars.

A variety of mini and full-sized designs; wall calendars and desktop calendar designs. Each is brilliantly decorated with unique designs created by the industry’s best designers and makers.

20 Sixteen Desk Calendar - £16.93 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:hedoepaper

1. The 20 Sixteen Desk Calendar is a beautiful and fashionable choice for the year ahead; mixing hand lettering, black and white graphics and finished with pops of colour. £16.93 by Hedoe Paper.

Watercolour Garden calendar - 5X7 - £32.51 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:lucileskitchen

2. The perfect pick for the kitchen, this beautiful ‘Watercolour Garden Calendar’ features unique watercolours of fruits, vegetables and more. £32.51 from Lucile’s Kitchen.

Mini 2016 Calendar with Easel - £6.50 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:Milieubymarchant

3. The super sweet ‘Mini 2016 Calendar with Easel’ is a great gift pick, a design which can be personalised with the name of your choice for a truly unique calendar design. £6.50 from Hannah Marchant Illustrates.

Love Verses Calendar - £14.90 - https:::www.etsy.com:uk:shop:SaltStains

4. A beautiful and elegant calendar decorated with love verses and stunning floral illustrations. ‘Love Verses Calendar’. £14.90 from Salt Stains.

Little Fox 2016 Calendar with Display Easel - £14.90 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:Gingiber

5. Fresh from Gingiber, is this super cute ‘Little Fox 2016 Calendar’. Also available in a ‘Little Owls’ design the calendar comes complete with its own display easel great for a shelf, desk or mantelpiece. £14.90 from Gingiber.

Limited edition 2016 Calendar. £15.00 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:PapioPress

6. Packed with unique illustrations the Papio Press ‘Limited Edition 2016 Calendar’ features 12 intricate, opulent designs that you’ll love discovering each month. £15.00 from Papio Press.

Here, Bear & Everywhere 2016 Calendar. £14.00 from Mister Peebles www.etsy.com:uk:shop:misterpeebles

7. With the ‘Here, Bear & Everywhere 2016 Calendar’ you get a full 12 months of bears – what’s not to love! £14.00 from Mister Peebles.

City Illustrations Calendar - £12.50 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:TessaGalloway

8. Showcasing iconic scenes of the world’s best cities, the ‘City Illustrations Calendar’ offers you a trip around the world, with a new city to explore each month. £12.50 from Tessa Galloway Illustration.

Caroline Rose Art Limited Edition 2016 Calendar - £12.00 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:CarolineRoseArt

9. The Limited Edition ‘2016 Calendar’ from Caroline Rose Art features 12 bright and beautiful prints taken from original mixed media collages. £12.00 from Caroline Rose Art.

British wildflowers calendar - £15.00 - https:::www.etsy.com:uk:shop:VictoriaSnape

10. Illustrated and handmade by Victoria Snape, the ‘British Wildflowers Calendar’ is a super sweet design presented on textured boards; a quality backdrop which works beautifully with the delicate floral drawings. £15.00 from Victoria Snape.

Animals on wheels Calendar - £12.65 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:AmelieLegault

11. If you like your creatures with a little added charm you’ll just love this ‘Animals on Wheels Calendar’. A unique design that will keep you entertained all year long. £12.65 from Amélie Legault.

Animal Drawings Calendar by Stacey Moore Art £10.00 - https:::www.etsy.com:uk:shop:StaceyMooreArt

12. A great choice for animal fans everywhere, the ‘Animal Drawings Calendar’ features unique artwroks by Stacey Moore. £10.00 from Stacey Moore Art.

A5 Size Inspirational Year Typographic Calendar - £10.99 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:TheNativeState

13. The Native State’s calendar features 12 of the best quotes to keep you inspired throguhout the year. Inspirational Year Typographic Calendar (A5 Size). £10.99 from The Native State.

2016 Miniature Wall Calendar - £3.50 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:prismofstarlings

14. A unique and quirky mini calendar, this handmade design features 12 animal-themed patterns to celebrate each new month. 2016 Miniature Wall Calendar. £3.50 from Prism of Starlings.

2016 Gold Glitter Printable Calendar - £3.98 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:blursbyaiShop

15. For those of you seeking a printable calendar option, you can’t go wrong with this sleek elegant design, which mixes inspirational and motivational messages with a touch of sparkle. 2016 Gold Glitter Printable Calendar. £3.98 from blursbyaiShop.

2016 Colouring Calendar for Adults - £12.19 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:guladesign

16. Making the most of the trend for colouring in, GuLa Design’s ‘2016 Colouring Calendar for Adults’ is a great pick for adding a little creativity to the year ahead. £12.19 from GuLa Design.

European Cities Illustrated 2016 Calendar. £14.00 www.etsy.com:uk:shop:WoodlandAndWise

17. Great for travel fans (and for planning your city breaks) this ‘European Cities Illustrated 2016 Calendar’ is full of charming illustrations celebrating the highlights of Europe. £14.00 from Woodland & Wise.

A5 Illustrated Animal Calendar 2016 - Vintage style desktop calendar £12.50 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:Telegramme

18. With a cool retro colour palette and and adorable animal illustrations the A5 Illustrated Animal Calendar 2016 is a vintage, desktop style calendar design. £12.50 from Telegramme.

2016 desktop calendar by the green gables

19. Fresh from The Green Gables is the Happy Living calendar, aiming to bring a little joy to 2016. Happy Living 2016 Calendar. £7.00 from The Green Gables.

inspirational calendar on easel - $26- usa shipping only - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:LetteredLifeShop

20. With mini easel and gorgeous typography this elegant 2016 calendar is jam-packed with inspiration for the year ahead. Inspirational Calendar on Easel. $26.00 from Lettered Life Shop (USA shipping only).

2016 Wall Calendar Monthly. £17.60 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:MartisArtHu

21. This unique wall calendar is beautifully decorated with 12 original monochrome illustrations. 2016 Monthly Wall Calendar. £17.60 from Martis Art Hu.

Star Wars Series - £12.23 - www.etsy.com:uk:shop:PurnaProject

22. Last but not least is an on-trend ‘Star Wars’ inspired calendar, celebrating what will no doubt be one of the must-see movies of the year. Star Wars Series Paper Cut Out Calendar. £12.23 from Purna Project.

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