Card & Gift Network Picks the Top 10 Gifts of 2015.

Following on from yesterday’s look at the best greeting cards of 2015, today is dedicated to the Top 10 Gifts of 2015.

As with yesterday’s card choices, my top ten gifts were chosen from a top 30 shortlist of all the gifts that have featured on the site in the last 12 months.

There’s so many amazing gifts released every year that it’s always a little tricky to choose what to highlight. In the end I think it comes down to several factors such as design, quality, uniqueness and a gut feeling I seem to have picked up from working in and around the industry for the last 10 years.

So on today’s post you’ll find the top 10 gifts of 2015, followed by a summary of the 20 gifts that made up the 30 gifts shortlist. As with the card picks, the gifts shown today are in no particular order, there’s no top gift, all of the final ten and totally equal.

My full Top 30 present picks can be seen in a mini magazine download. With 60 cards and gifts in total it’s a fairly big file so I’ve compiled this into a PDF which I will email to all who request it. Simply add your email below and it will be sent to you in a jiffy.


OK, enough faffing, here are The Top 10 Gifts of 2015:

1. Hazel Nicholls Wash Bags & Pouches by Wild & Wolf.

2. Muchly Lovely Stationery Collection from Caroline Gardner.

3. Felt Animal Puppets by Sew Heart Felt.

4. Karma Charm Necklace by Life Charms.

5. Percy Pup Spiral Activity Toy by Little Bird Told Me.

6. Cocktail Party Bath Melt Collection by Wild Olive.

7. Rockabilly Microphone Speaker from Maiden.

8. Hand-Painted Circus Skittles from twentysixdegrees.

9. Super Space Rocket from Plum Play.

10. Alpha Books by That Company Called IF.


You can see the full list of 30 shortlisted gifts, alongside the top cards in a special mini magazine download. Simply add your email below and I will send a copy to you quick smart.

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