Meet the Runners Up in the 2016 Gift of the Year Awards.

Following on from our round-up on the winners from the 2016 Gift of the Year Awards today we’re focusing on the highly commended products.

For each of the awards’ categories the panel of judges choose two highly commended designs to accompany each winner.

An epic selection of 40 amazing gift products; worthy runners up in the 2016 Gift of the Year Awards.

So without further ado here are the chosen gifts:


Highly Commended in the Under £10 Category.

Eyetoons Card Game by Ginger Fox. RRP £6.00.

Alphabooks Note Books by IF (That Company Called). RRP £5.99.


Highly Commended in the Stationery Category.

Gift Wrap for Books by IF (That Company Called).  RRP £2.49.

Bookmonster by Thinking Gifts. RRP £19.99.


Highly Commended in the Home Accessories Category.

iBeani iPad, Tablet and eReader Tablet Bean Bag Stand by DeVancer. RPP £24.99.

Floating Cork Light by Suck UK. RRP £10.00.


Highly Commended in the Kids Category.

The Base Camp Reading Lamp by IF (That Company Called). RRP £12.99.

Fun Monster Shadow Puppet Kit by House of Marbles. RPP £9.99.


Highly Commended in the Eco-Friendly Category.

Vintage Apple Eco Coffee Cup by Rex International. RRP £9.95.

Night owl Totseat – the washable squashable highchair by Totseat. RRP £20.00.


Highly Commended in the Festive and Seasonal Category.

E;f Adventures Interactive Activity Set by Cuddly Kingdom. RRP £24.99.

Flatyz Flat Candles by Bottleclocks. RRP £6.99.


Highly Commended in the Kitchen and Dining Category.

Thinking Cats by ECP Design. RRP £6.99 – £24.99.

T&G Gift Crates by T&G Woodware. RRP £6.99 – £11.99.


Highly Commended in the Occasions Category.

Confetti Balloons by NPW. RRP £8.00.

Pub Quiz by Talking Tables. RRP £20.00.


Highly Commended in the Fragrance Category.

Peony Room Spray by Branche d’Olive. RRP £21.00.

Join Us on a Fragrance Journey by Wild Olive. RRP £15.00.


Highly Commended in the Garden & Outdoor Living Category.

Poc-Kit by Burgon & Ball. RRP £14.95.

Patio, Pool & Picnic Floatable Candle by Enigma. RRP £5.99.


Highly Commended in the Made in UK Category. 

Spring Watch Bird and Bat Box Kit Gift Range by Apples to Pears. RRP £19.99.

Personalised Creative Colouring Book by Signature Gifts. RRP £19.99.


Highly Commended in the Branded / Character Category.

Marmite Puzzle by Gibsons. RRP £14.99.

Ladybird Party Games by The Lagoon Group. RRP £8.50.


Highly Commended in the Hot Novelty Category.

Builder’s Tea Mug by Gift Republic. RRP £4.99.

Animal Mugs by Gift Republic. RRP £9.99.


Highly Commended in the Commemorative and Collectable Category. 

Down Memory Lane Mugs by Cherry Orchard Publishing. RRP £6.99.

Skratkz – Scratch Posters by Dunk Trading. RRP £15.00.


Highly Commended in the Body, Bath and Spa Category.

Waggledance Large Scented Candles by Beefayre. RRP £24.00.

Message on a Bottle by MAD Beauty. RRP £9.99.


Highly Commended in the Premium & Luxury Category. 

Designers Guild Silk Scarf by Quintessential. RRP £80.00.

Moleskine Blend Notebook by NPW. RRP £12.99 – £16.50.


Highly Commended in the Gifts for Men Category.

Manitizer by MAD Beauty. RRP £2.99.

Camera Tin by Elite. RRP £8.00.


Highly Commended in the Fashion Accessories Category.

BlossomCo Dog Accessories by BlossomCo. RRP £18.95.

Make-Up Glasses by Goodlookers (London). RRP £9.99.


Highly Commended in the Fashion Jewellery Category.

Geometric by Martick Jewellery. RRP £30.00 – £60.00.

The Birthday Flower Collection by The Silver Studio. RRP £15.00.


Highly Commended in the Card and Wrap Category.

Colour Me Bling by The Handcrafted Card Company. RRP £2.99.

All You Need is Love and Tea by The Teapot Dude. RRP £3.85. (2017 update: website currently unavailable).


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