Discover Handmade Ceramic Jewellery Made in Italy.

Handmade ceramic jewellery laboratory, Jamais Sans Toi was founded in Turin in 2012. A unique design project that merged the creative and artistic skills of sisters Camilla and Valentina Gallo.

Specialising in jewellery design and ceramic manufacturing, the Jamais Sans Toi collection is founded in their Italian roots and every product is proudly ‘Made in Italy’. Utilising the artisanal knowledge that reveals the beauty of ancient manufacturing techniques as a modern and current method of craftsmanship that can make Italy proud.

Key to the Jamais Sans Toi handmade ceramic jewellery collection is the sphere; a symbol of entirety and the infinite; a symbol that gives the collection its unique meaning and style.

Handmade in ceramics, Jamais Sans Toi jewels hide a secret of authenticity developed through the creative process. The white clay is fired in professional furnaces and varnished with a lead-free paint. After being fired a second time, the material becomes a shiny and bright ceramic. Finally a special colour is applied with a brush, before a last firing, which delivers the absolute iridescence of the finished jewellery pieces.

Complimenting the authentic nature of the design and manufacturing, each jewellery piece in the collection uses natural materials, respecting the planet and guaranteeing non-allergenic accessories.

Jamais Sans Toi jewellery designs aim to perfectly balance volume and colour, line and detail. Complex modular ceramic compositions twist and turn on metal or azo-free leather structures, while light ceramic spheres provide moving and versatile elements perfect for every jewellery fan.


Where to buy the Handmade Ceramic Jewellery Collection:

Featured jewellery gifts: Isolario, £145.26; DNA, £92.97; Lille, £355.89; IHO, £174.31; Costellazione Scottacqua Maxi, £79.89 and Costellazione Bracelet, £92.97. Find out more or purchase from the range at the Jamais Sans Toi website.

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