Mothering Sunday Cards to Wow Mums Everywhere.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching it’s time we looked at a few of this year’s best Mothering Sunday cards.

Taken from across the industry, this year’s Mothering Sunday cards are fabulous new greeting cards created by publishers big and small; from our favourite established brands to indie designer-makers who are just starting out.

Suiting a wide range of budgets there’s a Mother’s Day card for every card-giver.

The one thing they all have in common is that they’re a great way to celebrate very special mums everywhere.

So let’s get started with the Mothering Sunday cards pick.


Handmade 3D Flowers Card

Handmade Mothering Sunday Card £4.50

Add a surprise to Mother’s Day with this spectacular 3D Mother’s Day card. A hand-stamped bouquet of flowers that is a long-lasting reminder of a special day.

£4.50 from Dee’s Handmade Cards.


‘Eternally Grapefruit’ Funny Autocorrect Mother’s Day Card

Mothering Sunday Cards - Wordplay Design

Mothering Sunday cards should make mum smile and nothing could do the job better than this delightful ‘Autocorrect’ design. A sleek, minimalist design bursting with warmth and bright typography.

£2.95 from Wordplay Design.


Mom You’re Beautiful Card

Mothering Sunday Cards

With its soft-curvy edging and glimmering gold butterfly this Mother’s Day card from Night Owl Paper Goods is a pretty, delicate design that mums will love. Combined with the ‘Mom You’re Beautiful ‘ sentiment it’s a great card to make mum feel special this Mother’s Day.

$4.50 from Night Owl Paper Goods.


Periodic Table Mother’s Day Card

mother's day periodic table card

A fun science-inspired greetings card for Mother’s Day. Periodic table elements combines with witty phrases help scientifically prove Mum’s are great.

£2.50 from The Paper Scientist.


Favourite Child Mother’s Day Card

favourite child mother's day card

A fun and simple Mothering Sunday card with an illustrated hand-lettered message. A great way to wish Mum well and wind up your siblings in one elegant, modern design.

£2.50 from Old English Company.


Personalised ‘Best Mum’ Bubble Card

Best Mum Mother's Day Card

Great for younger card-givers is the ‘Best Mum’ Bubbles card from Kali Stileman. A hugely popular card range, the design comes finished with a blank bubble space, allowing kids to get creative and send mum a special Mothering Sunday message.

£3.00 from Kali Stileman.


Practically Perfect Mother’s Day Card

practically perfect mother's day card

Mary Poppins approved, this card is for mums who are practically perfect in every way. A cute and cool card design inspired by a movie classic and some very mum-specific skills.

£6.45 from Eskimo Kiss UK.


Handmade To Mum With Love Card.

Mothering Sunday Card by Five Dollar Shake

This striking ‘Mother and Child’ illustration has been given the signature Five Dollar Shake treatment with a pretty gathering of flowers and butterflies; as well as a final touch of luxury in the form of organza bows and multi-coloured gems.

£4.99 from Five Dollar Shake.


Mum You’re Bloody Brilliant Card

Mum You're Bloody Brilliant Mother's Day Card - Paper Sheriff

A bright and bold card that gets straight to the point. This modern typographic design is the perfect pick for cool mums who deserve to know just how awesome they are.

£2.50 from Paper Sheriff.


‘Lovely Mum’ Card. 


From the popular ‘Windowbox’ range is a beautiful card bursting with bright pink blooms and matching birds. With a ‘Lovely Mum’ sentiment it’s a sweet, retro-inspired design that mums will adore.

£2.50 from Rocket68.


Tattoo Mother’s Day Card. 

mother's day card tulu draws

A tattoo-inspired card with a classic mum inscribed anchor design. Finished with pretty flowers and swirls it’s a piece of mini art that can look great on Mother’s Day and long after.

£3.00 from Tulu Draws.


Mothering Sunday Tulip Card

IN SPACES Mothers Day Mothering Sunday Card with Tulips

A cheerful Mothering Sunday card with a pretty tulip illustration. With its textured backdrop and collage-style tulips this card oozes quality; perfect for mums who deserve the best.

£2.50 from In Spaces.


BrightHeart Handmade Mother’s Day Card

Cards by Gaynor 1a

A wonderfully colourful Mother’s Day card sure to brighten any day. Each heart embellishment is individually made from designer Gaynor’s exclusive art stock. Just like our unique mums, no two cards are ever the same.

£3.95 from Cards by Gaynor.


Flowers Biscuit Card

biscuiteers flower card

Delight mum with edible flowers. Beautifully iced and super tasty, this vanilla-flavoured, ‘Flower Biscuit Card’ is sure to brighten Mum’s special day.

£9.00 from The Biscuiteers.

Now it’s time for the gifts! Check out our pick of the Best Mothering Sunday gifts.

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