Silver Bangles Add A Touch of Elegance.

If you’re looking for an effective way to add a touch of elegance to your every day, the answer might just be silver bangles.

Today we’re taking a closer look at 4 elegant new bangle designs from well-respected jewellery designers Latham & Neve.

These silver bangles options are sure to make you or the gift recipient or your choice smile, with their timeless elegance and quality.

So without further ado lets take a look at some stylish jewellery gifts.


The Ripple Multi Bangle, Silver with Gold.

First up is the contemporary silver and gold ‘Ripple Multi Bangle’. Handmade in Latham & Neve’s Kent-based workshop, the silver bangle is designed to evoke rain falling on water.

A stunning, hand-forged piece of jewellery with a unique “ripple-effect”. The bangle is made from a continuous coiled length of beaten silver, giving the effect of multiple fine bangles bound by a single 18ct gold ring.

With a shiny hammered finish on one side and a soft satin finish on the other, it can be worn on either side depending on mood and the look desired.

A modern piece of British hallmarked silver and gold, perfect for every day wear and special occasions alike.


Bud & Baby Bud Silver Bangle.


A pair of shiny silver rosebuds hang pure & perfect, on this elegant ‘Bud & Baby Bud Silver Bangle’. Easy to wear, the hammered silver, oval-shaped bangle echoes the shape of the wrist for maximum comfort.

The Rosebuds are formed in smooth sterling silver, while the bangle is hand-made, beaten to create a shiny yet textured surface.

The simple beauty of this bangle makes it an excellent gift choice for a variety of occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Alternatively the decoration of full and small-sized buds, could be used as a hidden way to signify the birth of a child or as a Mother’s Day gift from child to parent.


Halo Silver Bangle


The Halo Silver bangle is a hand-forged oval of beaten silver, twisted in a top secret way that only designers Helen and Anna know to give the illusion of three separate bangles. All the joy of a multi-bangle effect, with no annoying jangly noises!

Not just clever and beautiful, this contemporary, designer bangle is also ergonomic. Unlike most bangles, its shape echoes the shape of the wrist, making it easier to wear.

The silver bangle is a shiny texture on one side and a soft-textured satin finish on the other, giving two unique styles in one bangle.


Ripple Sprung Silver Bangle 

Our last bangle choice is the ‘Ripple Sprung Silver Bangle’, a delicate silver design, which also takes inspiration from rain falling on water.

A stunning, handmade jewellery design with subtle ripple effect. Like the ‘Ripple Multi Bangle’ (shown at the top of the post) this bangle design is made from a single length of beaten silver. The continuous coil of silver gives the look of many fine bangles; each bound by a series of tiny, 18ct gold rings.

With a shiny hammered finish on one side and soft satin finish on the reverse this multi-textured bangle is a signature piece that flashes with light and sparkle as it moves.


About the Designers

Latham and Neve is the pairing of Anna Latham & Helen Neve. Since first meeting at Medway College of Art and Design, their collaboration has put them at the forefront of British Designer jewellery for nearly twenty years.

Their design philosophy embraces a Modernist yet wearable style; with every piece made to exacting standards. The finishing ensures every piece is easy to put on and to remove, while remaining elegantly fabulous.

All of the jewellery in the Latham & Neve collection is handmade and British hall-marked. Since 1997 they have been working in silver and 18ct gold; creating ballroom bangles, everyday earrings, knockout necklaces, ravishing rings, beautiful bracelets and more.

The collection is known for its simple geometric and elemental forms, with textures that sparkle in the changing light. Practical yet beautiful jewellery that will make you smile every day.


Where to Buy the Silver Bangles.

Ripple Multi Bangle Silver with gold, £212.00; Bud & Baby Bud Silver Bangle, £105.00; Halo Bangle Silver Latham Neve, £167.00 and Ripple Sprung Silver Bangle, £370.00. To find out more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the Latham & Neve website