GPO Unveil Their Top Record Players for Music Lovers Everywhere.

It was just 3 years ago (complete with a very British name) that GPO launched themselves and their unique brand of stylish record players onto the market.

In that short period of time their success has been incredible. GPO has developed a huge fan base and in the run up to Christmas last year, one in five turntables bought was made by GPO Retro.

The popularity of classic record players shouldn’t be a surprise. The demand for vinyl continues to grow and has even resulted in supermarket chain Sainsbury’s announcing last month that they will be stocking the vinyl record format in their stores.

With last weekend’s Record Store Day the resurgence of vinyl was once more apparent with the UK public out in force to support their local independent music emporiums.

As a keen supporter of the vinyl movement and with Record Store Day fresh in my mind it seemed like a good time to take a closer look at some record players.

With their distinctly modern features and vintage-inspired designs, I think GPO’s collection of record players might be near the top of the list of perfect gifts for music lovers.

So without further ado let’s ponder the gift potential of the classic turntable record player.


The GPO Retro Collection.


The GPO Bermuda

Launched in March 2016, the GPO Bermuda is a revamp of the sixties classic Dansette, combining retro style with modern kit. Available in Blue and Cream or Red and Cream the Bermuda has an LP turntable, the option to screw on legs to make it freestanding, three speeds (33, 45, 78) and built in speakers.

Unlike its sixties ancestor it also comes with an MP3 and USB player compatibility so you can plug in a device to play music digitally, or convert LPs into digital format. Available from 21st March, the GPO Bermuda will retail at £159.99.


The GPO Ambassador

The GPO Ambassador is GPO’s first Bluetooth turntable which also has a rechargeable battery. A suitcase style record player with three speeds, auto stop, built in speaker and manual pickup arm the Bluetooth connectivity allows it to work with any Bluetooth speaker or device. The rechargeable battery offers 2.5 hours of music playback time.


The GPO Stylo

The GPO Stylo was GPO’s first turntable, a “back to basics” model launched in 2013 and is currently the 2nd most popular record player in the UK. Available in black or red, it’s an excellent record player for those starting out in the world of vinyl, with an affordable price point under £50. The Stylo comes with three speeds, has two built in speakers and a play/pause lift arm. The unit also has an Aux plug for MP3 and additional speakers or headphones.

The GPO Attaché

The GPO Attaché is in the top 5 most popular turntables in the UK. The suitcase style record player comes in five colours, to suit every taste; Vintage Brown, Pillar-Box Red, Sky Blue, Jet Black and Apple Green.  Each Attaché features built in stereo speakers, three speed turntable, USB stick (provided with the unit) and an Aux jack to plug in additional speakers.


About GPO

GPO is division of ProTelX, while the parent company focuses on developing and manufacturing high quality consumer electronic goods, GPO is on a mission to infuse modern innovation with retro style; inspired by the iconic designs of the original GPO.

The original GPO Telephones were produced by the General Post Office in the UK from the mid-19th Century to the late 20th Century, whilst the telephone network was still a publicly run service. Within that one hundred and fifty year period the GPO released a huge amount of memorable and sturdy phones designed for everyday use. In the 1980’s the company was turned into a private corporation and many products were discontinued in the move towards cheaper products.

Today GPO’s collection brings to life memories of the original GPO products. With their growing collection of retro-style products GPO aims to add colour, nostalgia and fun to your life.

Each design is inspired and fuelled by a desire to innovate and the company’s core value; to be driven by a love of the past, brought bang up to date.



Where to Buy GPO Record Players.

Featured record players are: Bermuda, Ambassador, Stylo and Attaché. Prices range from £42.95 – £159.99. To see more, stock the range or purchase from a stockist near you please visit the GPO Retro website.