Take a Closer Look at Christmas Gifts for Friends

Searching for Christmas Gifts for Friends isn’t always easy. There are so many routes you could take from jewellery to chocolates, make up to accessories, it’s hard to know what to decide on. Add to this everyone shopping at the same time, often at the same favourite shops and Christmas is an especially tricky to find something original for your girl friends.

With this dilemma in mind today we’re taking a closer look at some affordable new Christmas gifts for friends. A few items that girls will love to share with each other. Presents that add fun, style or a little bit of joy to the holiday season.


Letters to My Future Self Kit

First up in our pick of Christmas gifts for friends is the ‘Letter to My Future Self Kit’. This book of 12 fold-and-mail style letters offers a way to capture an elusive moment in time; creating a unique keepsake for the future. Each letter offers thought-provoking prompts to guide self-reflection; Prompts include: “I promise to myself”, “All the things I’d like to try someday” and “A pep talk for the future me”. The detailed design elements and seal-like stickers give each letter a classic postal look, creating paper time capsules to treasure forever.

Letters to My Future Self. £10.99 from Abrams & Chronicle.


Snowflake Charm

Add a touch of style to any winter day with this pretty snowflake charm necklace. Plated in pure silver for classic wintery style, it is ideal for everyday wear or special occasions. Each charm necklace comes with a reversible card for your festive message and is presented in a lovely gift box; the perfect present for a special friend, who like a snowflake is one-of-a-kind.

#JustBecause Snowflake Charm. £14.00 from Life Charms.


Felt ‘Selfie’ Kit

This fun “Felt Selfies” kit contains everything you need to make 2 colourful pics of yourself, a family member or a friend. In easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, felt expert Gillian shows you how to Wetfelt Merino wool tops to make your very own self portrait in felt. Each kit includes everything you need to make your own selfie, and enough extras to make a second picture. The kits contain a bamboo mat and net for wet felting, which are reusable for future projects once you’ve got the felt making bug. The felt selfie kits are suitable for any ages from kids to grandparents, but little ones will need adult supervision (as with all craft projects).

Felt Selfies Wet Felting Kit. £23.95 from Gillian Gladrag.


Tammy Piggy Bank

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for friends with an Eco twist you can’t go wrong with this little pink pig. Tammy is a quirky piggy bank design produced from sustainable paper pulp. Bringing back the ritual of breaking your bank when it’s time to retrieve your coins, this fun pig-shaped money box can be safely ripped apart before recycling. You can even get creative, customising Tammy the Pig with paint or marker pens to create the perfect treasure trove for your coins.

Tammy Eco Piggy Bank. £17.50 from Moxon.


Emoji Notes

EmojiNotes are a unique set of notecards that mix classic card-giving with modern emoji designs. Each box is a sweet set of 40 emoji-themed cards, which can help make someone’s day. Pack a good-luck note in your child’s lunchbox, leave a “thumbs-up” on your co-worker’s desk for a job well done, or a slip a few words of encouragement under your little ones bedroom door. These cute little notes are fun for all, creating little random acts of kindness each and every day.

Emoji Notes. $8.50 from Modern Lore.


Cinnamon & Orange Candles

Stoneglow Candles Cinnamon & Orange gel candles deliver a heartwarming combination of zesty orange, spicy cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. A warm, woody base of patchouli, vanilla and musk will ensure the delightful fragrance warms even the coldest winter day. Each candle is made using real botanical pieces for a final finishing touch that looks amazing.

Cinnamon & Orange Gel Candles. Tumblr, £14.00 and Vase, £23.00 from Stoneglow Candles.


Mini Purse

Last in our pick of Christmas gifts for friends is this cute mini coin purse from Busy B (known for their popular stationery ranges). Small and perfectly formed, this clever purse has just enough room for cards, coins, notes and keys. Equally ideal for popping out to lunch or stowing in your clutch bag for a night on the tiles, it zips up safely and looks gorgeous. An ideal gift for girls that like to accessorise in style.

Mini Purse. £12.99 from Busy B.


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