Argos Christmas Gifts Deliver Toys & Tech for the Holiday Season

Continuing our look at what card & gift retailers have in store for the 2017 festive season, today we’re looking at Argos. The Argos range is far-reaching with thousands of products covering a variety of categories, but for 2017, Argos Christmas gifts stand out in two areas: toys and technology.

It’s the tech and toys category that we’re focusing on today, showcasing half a dozen products that tap into key trends that we can expect to see out in force this holiday season.


Christmas Toys at Argos

First up let’s take a look at the toys that have made it to the 2017 Argos Christmas gifts collection.


PAW Patrol Toys


Argos Christmas gifts- Paw Patrol Mission Chase

Paw Patrol Mission Chase


PAW Patrol is an adventure-based kids TV programme focusing on a group of six rescue dogs, led by a tech-savvy boy named Ryder.

Always up for the challenge, the PAW Patrol team have inspired a whole heap of must-have merchandise, including some impressive toys.

Mission Chase is an interactive toy that lets kids can join in on 24 real rescue missions. Press his badge and Chase comes to life with over 130 phrases that take little ones on guided missions.  A spring-loaded backpack deploys tools needed for the mission, including a real launching net and working flashlight.

His backpack can also be used manually and includes a special Pup Pup Boogie Surprise, which sees Chase sing and move his head to music.


Lego Boost

Argos Christmas gifts - Lego Boost

Lego Boost


Next up in our pick of Argos Christmas gifts is the Lego Boost, which combines the ever popular LEGO brand with a free tablet app.

Connect your tablet device and you have step-by-step instructions to build and code 5 multi-functional models.

  • Vernie the Robot-a moving and talking robot.
  • The M. T. R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4), a robust, versatile rover with 4 different tool attachments including a spring-loaded shooter.
  • The Guitar4000, a musical instrument with pitch bend & sound effects.
  • Frankie the Cat, an interactive pet that plays, purrs and expresses its mood.
  • AutoBuilder, an automated production line that builds miniature LEGO models.

Combining trends for LEGO and apps this toolkit toy offers endless possibilities for creative children.


Turnaround Toys


Chad Valley Turnaround

Chad Valley Turnaround


Chad Valley’s turnaround toys are a traditional toy with a twist; a great example of the trend for interactive toys.

At first sight, these might look like conventional soft toys, but the Turnaround Toys enable kids to turn one animal into another.

Offering a variety of animals, from hippos and monkeys to giraffes and tigers, children can be gifted an animal friend they will love, which will quickly become a second special creature.

There are 4 Turnarounds to collect, each with distinctive big, shiny eyes.


Tech Gifts at Argos

Next up we’re looking at a few of the Argos Christmas gifts in the technology sector.


Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360


The Gear 360 is flawless 4K 360 video recording. Record in 4K high definition or broadcast live to share 360 degree content with your own personal touch.

A redesigned model, the Gear 360 has a smaller size and easy-to-grip body, enabling you to record memories and live stream your Christmas easier than before.

Perfectly portable the Gear 360 has a lightweight and compact design, which allows you to capture action on the go, as well as from the comfort of your home.

Tapping into the trend for online videos this piece of technology is the perfect Christmas gift for wannabe film makers and the YouTube stars of tomorrow.


Instamax Mini Camera

Instamax Mini

Instamax Mini


Our next pick in the Argos Christmas gifts collection perfectly mixes technology with the trend for retro tech. The Instax Mini 9 is a compact instant camera with a cute iconic design.

Brought bang up to date with a selfie mirror and close-up lens, this camera is ready and waiting for selfie-loving photographers.

The camera produces instant credit card sized prints, which are ideal for parties, festivals and days out.


Turntable in Case

Argos Christmas gifts - Bush Turntable

Bush Turntable


Another example of gifts falling into the retro tech trend is this stylish vintage-styled turntable.

With a handy suitcase design in a bright turquoise colour palette, the record player features a carry handle, allowing records to be listened to at home or away.

3 speed control and built-in speakers means listening to a vinyl collection has never been easier.


Featured Gifts

Paw Patrol Mission Chase, £ 49.99; Lego Boost, £149.99; Turnaround Toy, £11.99; Samsun Gear 360; £219.99; Instamax Camera, £73.99 and Turntable, £39.99.

To find out more about any of the featured gifts please visit the Argos website.

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