Blue Q Oven Mitts Combine Style and Fun

If you’re looking to add a little heat to your kitchen, Blue Q Oven Mitts might be just what you’re looking for.

These aren’t just any old oven mitts you see. Blue Q Oven Mitts come with added attitude; perfect for when things get hot in the kitchen.



Funny Oven Mitts

Fresh from the USA, the collection has 10 brand new oven mitt designs. Each mitt features whimsical vintage style drawings paired with modern-world phrases (and a few swears); everything from “‘Sup Nerd?” to “Bitches Get Stuff Done”. The result is a delightful combination that brings style and fun to an everyday object. An ideal way to make a wide range of kitchen personalities smile.

Each of the oven mitts is made in the USA. The design is super insulated, making them practical as well as pretty; just what is needed to look good while you juggle hot pots and pans.

Alongside keeping burns at bay, the oven gloves collection will also do some good in the wider world. 1% of the sales of all Blue Q Oven Mitts are donated to hunger relief programs throughout the world.



About Blue Q

Blue Q are self-styled “proud designers and manufacturers of life-improving, joy-bringing products since 1988”; with this new range of Oven Mitts they’re certainly fulfilling that promise.

The brand launched in 1988 with their beloved “Flat Cat”; a die-cut, stand up cardboard pet. Close to 30 years later their range has expanded. Now the range includes: bath & body products, bags, socks, tin boxes, breath sprays and most recently, oven mitts.

Alongside expanding their range of products Blue Q have also been steadily increasing their reach. Today their business can be found worldwide; available from a global list of distributors. Branching out from their US base, the company are known for products that unite humour, design, and quality.

Each item is printed with a “very best quality” label, a promise which shows delivering a superior product is paramount to the Blue Q team.

Like the Blue Q oven mitts shown today, many products in the collection are linked to charitable causes; sales of socks support Doctors without Borders, while every bag sold contributes to The Nature Conservancy.

Ultimately Blue Q is a company that wants to make people happy; a plan which seems to be going very well indeed.



Where to Buy Blue Q Oven Mitts

The featured oven mitts retail at $11.99 each. To see more, stock or purchase from the collection please visit the Blue Q website.

On the website you’ll find information on Blue Q distributors worldwide. Their collection is available in the UK via Incognito, but I received information on the range from their Australian distributor, Optoco.


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