See the Latest Paper Craft Activity Kits from Australia

In today’s post we’re taking a look at some awesome paper craft activity kits fresh from Melbourne, Australia. Created by paper toy designer Andrew Dunn, they’re the perfect way to “get crafty”. They’re also the ideal gift pick for National Stationery Week’s  2nd ‘Seven Days of Stationery’, which you guessed it, is dedicated to crafts.

Andrew began creating paper toys back in 2011 as a way to share his passion for drawing and crafting with his two young children. Their love of Lego and Minecraft inspired Andrew to design paper crafts that all children could build; creating their own unique worlds.

Working full time and being a devoted father and husband, has meant that turning his passion for paper toys into a business has been a slow process. This has however proved to also have its advantages. With time Andrew has been able to really focus on the purpose of his work; defining values and refining his style of design to reflect those ideals.




Reasons to Love Paper Crafts

With time experimenting and perfecting his range Andrew has created craft products that are: fun, affordable, collectable and educational. Let’s take a closer look at each one of these elements.


Crafty Fun


The construction of each Box Ed is designed to be the most entertaining part of the process. For everyone harbouring a secret desire to be Dr. Frankenstein, the craft gifts allow you to live the fantasy; bringing your own little person or animal character to life with their own unique quirks.


An Affordable Activity


As you can see from the gallery of images on today’s post, Box Eds have been designed to be cool and funky. Normally this means a hefty price tag, but Box Eds don’t want to price out any creative kids. Each of the kits is an affordable, printable design that requires only a “pocket money” level of spending.


Collectable Crafts


With inspiration overflowing Andrew has ideas for an entire world of Box Eds; his sketchbooks are bursting with ideas for other characters, creatures and themes, which means there will be lots of craft kits to collect as the company grows. I particularly like the kits that are suited to a particular theme or event, the Bunny Box Eds at the top of the post would have been an excellent Easter crafts project if only I’d found them in time!


Impressively Educational


The (slightly more) serious side to Box Eds is the educational value they bring to play time. The paper craft activity kits introduce children to how 2D shapes combine to create 3D shapes. The allows children to develop their fine motor skills by cutting, folding and sticking the designs.

The activity also teaches children patience, accuracy and how to use and combine materials. Parents can also be happy with the real sense of accomplishment they’ll get once their creature is completed.

On top of all those impressive benefits, the Box Eds paper craft activity kits includes a blank template; allowing kids the freedom to get creative and design their own unique paper toy, which can be used for role playing, storytelling and more.


Box Eds Paper Crafts - Card & Gift Network


Find Out More

The featured paper craft activity kits retail at $5.00 each (prices in AUD). To see the whole collection, find out more, stock or purchase please visit the Box Eds Papercrafts website.


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