2017 Design Trends on Show at This Year’s Pulse

In today’s post we’re taking a look at four new 2017 design trends that will be showcased at this year’s Pulse trade show. Working with trend agency Unique Style Platform, the Pulse team are predicting these new trends will prove to be big hits at the shops over the next few seasons. I’m therefore delighted to be able to share a preview of the trends with you today, ahead of the show opening on the 14th May.


Four 2017 Design Trends to Look Out For

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2017 Design Trends No 1: Botanical

Trend buzzwords: cultivate, fresh, nourishing source, seasonal and healthy.

The Botanical trend offers a rich and nourishing colour palette; inspired by heritage vegetables, fresh botanicals and perfumed plants. The vibrant vitamin greens combine with tones of sage and almond brown, while colours of deep navy, plum, beetroot and dandelion add further depth and interest. Botanical prints cover every surface, combining scattered florals with illustrated herbs and leafy greenery.

(Botanical Trend) Pulse 2017 - Brie Harrison

Brie Harrison – Makers B9

(Botanical Trend) Pulse 2017 - Cherry2Berry

 Cherry2Berry – Stand M20


2017 Design Trends No 2: DIY

Trend buzzwords: creative, personalised, expressive, rebellious, fun and new urban.

The next in our preview of 2017 design trends is DIY. A trend that gives us designs with a fun and rebellious mood. Products focus on customisation and individuality. In line with modern sensibilities the colour palette is vibrant and clashing, with primary brights highlighted with hot pink and mint green; A flash of ultraviolet provides a pop of colour, while pale blue, nude and navy tones add a calm feel to the colour mix. The designs feature expressive prints and patterns, giving a cutting edge urban feel to the trend. Look out for scribbles, doodles, paint drips and hand markings, combined with hyper-real digital artwork.

(DIY Trend) Pulse 2017 - Ark Colour Design

Ark Colour Design – Makers F33

(DIY Trend) Pulse 2017 - Arthouse Meath

Arthouse Meath – Stand K59


2017 Design Trends No 3: Functional

Trend buzzwords: clean, minimal, singular, re-invented, bold blocking and utility.

The Functional trend presents a simple and focused feel. Flat colour and bold shapes are the star of the show. Core neutrals of grey and stone are balanced with tonal shades of blush and coral; while soft utility blues, rich reds and mustard yellows elevate the colour palette. The print and pattern in the functional trend is kept to a minimum, but you will find structural stripes, graphic blocking and modular shapes in subtle shades adding detail and interest.

(Functional Trend) Pulse 2017 - Polymorphics

Polymorphics – Living Stand A19

(Functional Trend) Pulse 2017 - StolenForm

StolenForm – Stand M26


2017 Design Trends No 4: Retro Pop

Trend buzzwords: futuristic, nostalgia, sensory, luminous, electronic and graphic. 

Our next new trend is Retro Pop. Products are dominated by an artificially bright colour palette, which is toned down with backdrops of microchip grey, mandarin red and black. Clashing colours of magenta, cyan, marigold are mixed with vibrant shades of violet and indigo; giving a truly distinctive, eye-catching look. in the Retro Pop trend print and pattern is key. Ideas take inspiration from retro gaming, futuristic worlds, neon lighting and computer graphics.

(Retro Pop Trend) Pulse 2017 - Inkase

Inkase – Makers Stand D16

(Retro Pop Trend) Pulse 2017 - La Companie

La Companie – Stand G45


AboutUnique Style Platform (USP)

The 4 trends shown today were compiled for this year’s Pulse by Unique Style Platform, a forecasting service for the fashion and lifestyle industries. Founded by Jane Kellock, the company brings together a team of creative experts who aim to inform the creative process and inspire innovation. Looking beyond just fashion, their curated forecasts offer intelligent, timely & relevant content; bringing together both physical and digital information to create a fresh approach to online trends.


About Pulse

Pulse is a beautifully curated, boutique trade show featuring designers from the giftware, modern living and fashion sectors. The show takes place the 14th – 16th May at Olympia in London. As well as the four new 2017 design trends showcased today, the show’s organisers will be adding on-site installations of further trends that emerge at the show.

To find out more and register for your free ticket please visit the Pulse London website.


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