Learning Can Look Good! Designer Reinvents Educational Posters

Ever wished there was a way to give those dull educational posters a little style?

We all know that education is important and informative posters or wall charts are often the perfect way to get kids learning, but more often than not they look pretty dull.

They don’t inspire children to learn and they certainly aren’t something you want hanging in your home.

Up till now and you had 2 options: you suffered the badly designed educational poster for the sake of the little ones, or you placed the poster somewhere that didn’t spoil your thoughtfully planned out decor.

The latter option it turns out is what inspired Squared.


educational posters - Squared_1671956_SquaredCharts.jpg

Educational Posters with Style


Learning Can Look Good

Squared believe the learning can look good, and they’ve come to sort your educational poster woes.

For Squared Designer Lizzie Deller the story starts on the back of a toilet door (not a sentence you hear or type that often). There she found an informative yet deeply unattractive educational poster; banished by the family to a cheerless place, where no one would have to worry about it… or be educated by it!

Lizzie however thought that learning should be celebrated, not hidden, and set about creating a series of educational posters and charts that wouldn’t be kept out of sight.

Squared posters are designed to be proudly hung in a child’s room, playroom or classroom; adding style not shame to a home’s decor.

The minimalist designs are unique to the market, a beautiful addition to any home that will help engage little learners with good design.


educational posters - Squared_1671989_KnowtheTimesTable.jpg

Know the Times Tables Poster


educational posters - Squared_1671992_KnowthePeriodicTable.jpg

Know the Periodic Table Wall Chart


Educational Posters with Style

Designed and printed in Melbourne, Australia, there are currently 8 chart designs in the collection; alphabet, times tables, human body, world map, shapes, tell time, solar system and periodic table.

Each wall poster measures 50cm x 70cm and is printed on high quality 200gsm, 100% recycled paper stock.


educational posters - Squared_1671990_KnowhowtoTellTime.jpg

Know How to Tell Time Poster


educational posters - Squared_1671929_KnowtheWorldMap.jpg

Know the World Map Poster


About Squared

Squared was founded by Melbourne-based designer, Lizzie Deller. A doting aunt to four nieces and nephews has exposed her to the good, the bad and the ugly of children’s design.

When she looked for a well-designed times table chart for her niece, and found that one didn’t exist, she set about creating her own carefully considered, design-conscious charts.

From there the collection grew, and today there are Squared Charts bring good design to a variety of topics.


educational posters - Squared_1671991_KnowtheSolarSystem.jpg

Know the Solar System Poster



Find Out More

If you want ugly learning aids to be history, why not find out more about the educational posters with built in style.

Today’s featured wall charts and posters retail at $24.95 (AUD) each and you can see the full collection by visiting the Squared website.