A Gift for Bird Lovers & Nature

Buying a gift for bird lovers has just got a whole lot easier thanks to a delightful new range of bird-themed gifts.

Boxwild believe that a garden or landscape without wildlife would be incredibly dull, and cities would become even more distant from what stood before the high-rise buildings and tarmacked roads.

So they set about creating a range of gifts that would help us keep in touch with nature, and show some appreciation for the birds and animals that we spy in our gardens. A simple and brilliant idea that not only encourages wildlife, but also gives us great gift potential for our bird watching and wildlife loving friends and family.


Wildlife Box - subscription box gift

Boxwild Gifts for Bird Lovers


Luxury Bird Seed Gifts

Boxwild specialise in luxury bird seed gifts. Recognising the importance of supporting nature, they have created a selection of gift boxes packed with nutritious seed blends, habitats, feeders and treats for all seasons.


Bird Seed Subscription Box

Bird Seed Subscription Box - 3 month package

Bird Seed Subscription Box


The Bird Seed Subscription Box is 3 month package ideal a nature lover who has all of the kit necessary to feed birds but needs a constant top up of seeds.

Boxwild selects a trio of seasonal seed blends every 3 months, ensuring that birds are getting optimal nutrition needed for the season.


Bird Feeder Gift Box

Bird Feeder Gift box

Bird Feeder Gift Box


The Bird Feeder Gift Box would be a fabulous gift for a bird lover, and is guaranteed to be a delicious treat for the birds.

The box contains a bird feeder, bird seed scooper and a variety of seeds: Boxwild Blend, All-Seasons Blend, and Songbird Blend.

The addition of a bird feeder to a garden allows birds to easily retrieve nutritious food and thrive all year round;  a must-have for any keen twitcher.


Seasonal Wildlife Subscription Box

Wildlife Box - subscription gift box

Wildlife Box Subscription Gift


The Wildlife Subscription Seasonal Box has everything needed to kick-start a bird feeding habit. Sent at the start of each season (March, June, September and December), each box is packed with a unique blend of bird or wildlife seeds, feeder or habitat, and plant seeds or a special Boxwild gift.

The boxes are mixed seasonally in leafy Surrey, England; designed to provide birds and wildlife with seeds that are highly nutritional and tasty.


Seed Box - subscription gift box

Seed Box


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The featured gifts for bird lovers include: Bird Seed Subscription Box, 3 month package; £15.00 per month; Bird Feeder Gift Box, £28.00 and Wildlife Box Subscription Gift Box, £25.00. Currently shipping is to the UK only.

With every box sold Boxwild donate 50p to the Wildfowl & Wetland Trust and Butterfly Conservation wildlife charities.

If you’re keen to help nature thrive and deliver the ultimate gift idea to your favourite bird watcher, take a closer look at the collections on the Boxwild website.


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