Designer Brings Artistic Twist to Polymer Clay Jewellery

While the creation of polymer clay jewellery is not new, one artist is making waves online with her own unique twist on this poplar niche of handmade jewellery.

Moscow-based Alisa Laryushkina of Liska Flower Jewelry has taken her passion for Japanese polymer clay to a whole new level, creating intricate works of art; that just happen to also be jewellery.

Rather than following the common path of kneading and shaping half a dozen pieces of clay to create an item, Alisa folds and swirls hundreds of tiny pieces; the result is incredibly unique jewellery pieces that would make excellent gifts.

Sharing her work on Bored Panda, Alisa commented:

“I love Japanese polymer clay and at first, I’ve been creating flowers. Gradually I came up with my own style of jewelry. I curl each pattern with my hands, then many many pieces add up to a greater whole.”


polymer clay jewellery - fox brooch

Fox Brooch


At a first look the polymer clay jewellery designs can be mistaken for quilling; the art of rolling and shaping thin strips of paper. Closer inspection however unveils them to be made from polymer clay, which is an ideal material for creating affordable, colourful jewellery.


unicorn brooch pendant - polymer clay jewellery

Unicorn Brooch / Pendant


The collection features brooches, pendants and earrings, inspired by animals, birds and nature.  Occasional food and pop culture references can also be found, adding to the variety of the range.

Iconic characters The Mad Hatter and The Cheshire Cat from Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland have also made it into the collection. Super-sized jewellery pieces that are a perfect gift idea for fans of the films.


polymer clay jewellery - cheshire cat brooch

Cheshire Cat Brooch


polymer clay jewellery - mad hatter brooch

Mad Hatter Brooch


Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery

Each design is made up of a complex, organic pattern of swirls. As you can see from the images, designs can often incorporate well over 100 curls to create the finished jewellery piece.

Across the collection the polymer clay jewellery designs are made in a variety of bright and pastel colour palettes. With popular designs including foxes and cats available in different colour options.

Each of the polymer clay jewellery designs unites half a dozen colours, or shades of colours to create its eye-catching look.


polymer clay jewellery - red cardinal bird brooch

Red Cardinal Bird Brooch


polymer clay brooch - toucan brooch

Toucan Brooch


Many of the designs also feature tiny flowers and Swaovski crystal embellishments skilfully weaved into the design. These not only enhance the finished look, but in the case of the flowers also pay homage to the origin of the style, in Alisa’s flower-inspired jewellery.


polymer clay jewellery - cat brooch

Cat Brooch


hedgehog brooch

Hedgehog Brooch


Wearable As Well as Eye-Catching

Despite their intricate details and the many hours of work that go into developing the designs and making each piece of jewellery, the collection is intended to be worn.

For this reason they’ve been designed to be:


All the featured items retail at less than £50.00.


Pieces are finished with an acrylic coating that protects them from everyday wear and tear. At the same time also making them easy to keep clean with a soft brush or wet wipe.


The Mad Hatter Brooch (shown above) even as one of the larger pieces in the range weighs just 18g.


Panda Pendant

Panda Pendant


Owl Brooch - polymer clay jewellery

Owl Brooch


Where to Buy

Prices for each item vary, ranging from around £15.00 – £45.00 (prices converted to GBP) depending on the size and complexity of the design. You can see find out more and see the full collection on the Liska Flower Jewelry Etsy shop.

[h/t Bored Panda, My Modern Met]


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